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    Running locomotives from different railroads

    I can't find where this topic came up before, but here is some food for thought for the modern era: It will be sort of prototypical to run KSC and CP rail power together once the Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern merger is finalized! Seems like KSC agreed to the merger with CP, even...
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    Prototype rail weight versus HO scale "Code"

    At one time the C.B.&Q. use 129 lb and 136 lb rail on some of its trackage, versus 112 lb. most other manline places. Any idea what the heavier weights would correspond to in HO code? Conversely, what "weights" do Code 70, 83 and 100 correspond to?
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    Broadway Limited UP 4-12-2

    I see that Broadway Limited is coming out with an HO scale UP 4-12-2, sometime around the end of the year. There are no details, but I am wondering what kind of curves this beast would take, even with all the center drivers blind. o_O (I doubt it would work on my 22" ruling curves, but I am...
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    Stop me before I kitbash another locomotive!

    I think I have an addiction problem. I have a "thing" for kitbashing and assembling Mantua HO steam locomotives, especially from leftover parts! Although there will be periods of time when I do other things not related to model railroading, eventually I get the urge...again! Where I can, I...
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    Mantua Mike part

    Does anyone know where I might find the bottom coverplate for a Mantua 2-8-2 Mikado? I have checked ebay and the only thing is a chassis and brass coverplate for a Bowser Mike. They want $24.95, which is a bit more than I want to spend, and the chassis apparently isn't set up for the brass...
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    Walthers GOO Out of stock!

    :eek: I have used Walthers' GOO rubber cement for YEARS. I have used it for everything from model railroading to cementing the seams on leather products I make. But I am down to about my last tube...or less. But my LHS, Caboose, in Lakewood, Colorado, has shut its doors. So I went to the...
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    Rivarosi Heisler boiler removal

    I recently acquired a Rivarosi Heisler HO locomotive. It runs fine on DC, and after I switched out the X2f couplers for Kaydees. But the headlight is burned out. My question is how do I remove the boiler so I can get at the bulb in the headlight and install a new bulb? The rear light is...
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    Spectrum Climax

    Several years ago I bought a Spectrum 3-truck Climax from Bachmann with DCC/Sound. It ran okay for a while, then quit. I sent it back and they repaired it, and it worked okay...for another while, then died again. The sound works fine, and I think I can hear the motor, but it won't move and I...
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    Crossing bell

    Does anybody know of a grade crossing bell setup that can be actuated by IR detectors (preferably interrupted by the passing train)? Azatrax used to have a module, but no longer makes it, and it required an electro-mechanical bell rather than an electronically-generated sound. I've got three...
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    Polaris missile rocket motor truck and rail (TARVAN)

    Back in the late 60's and 70's the U.S. Navy transported rocket motors for the Polaris and Poseidon submarine-launched ballistic missiles on trains using a TruckAndRailVan, called a TARVAN. Does anyone have an idea what these rail vans looked like? I am NOT talking about the rail cars used to...
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    Semi-trailers HO scale

    Some outfit is coming out with semi-trailers in HO scale that have the Strick logo in the oval on them (NOT StrickLease). They are various decorations, but have the Strick logo in the oval at the corners. They aren't out yet. Sometime in 2021. I can't find the dealers that will have them.
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    Grade crossing gates and signals HO scale

    I have been having frustrations with installing working crossing gates on my HO layout. I first installed some older Model Power gates, actuated by Tortise stall motors under the layout. These were actuated by Azatrax electronics, including infrared cross-track sensors. Worked fine until the...
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    Simple solution to a vexing problem

    I have a local station at "Grashhook", with two tracks served by a dual-radius turnout which curves around and leads to the main line. At the upper end of the main is a siding leading to a small ski resort. One of the tracks at Grashhook has a small train consisting of a combine way car and an...
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    Grashhook, Galesburg & Western Div of C.B.&Q - c. 1948

    Burlington Bob- Since you asked, and I finally got the better camera out... Oscar Mayer meat packing plant I scratch-built from an article in MR about 62 years ago. Building is all balsawood, with the bricks inscribed with a pencil. It has resided on every layout since. Below. E-5A/E-7B tow the...
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    Election year -1948

    President Harry S Truman is running for election in his own right, having become president on the death of FDR. Little Jim and his parents are travelling on the Zephyr from Chicago, to visit his Mom's folks in downstate Illinois. At Galesburg, the Zephyr is halted because the "Whistlestop...
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    Posting photos

    I have a number of photos of my layouts and rolling stock. How do I post them? They currently reside in a program called Picasa, which has an email capability. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wiring a Peco 3-way turnout?

    I have decided to reconfigure one of my yards for more flexibility in operation. To do this I need to use a 3-way turnout. I happen to have a Peco, but I don't know if it is Electrofrog or Insulfrog. It is different from two others I am using on my layout, both of which have no wiring attached...
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    Number boards for HO Stewart F7A

    :oops: At a recent local swap meet, I purchased a Stewart HO scale F7A/B in C.B.&Q. freight paint scheme. I got it home and ran it around the layout (the B-unit is dummy). Was running real well, but when it came around a curve, that is close to the edge of the table, and where I didn't have a...
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    Overheating DC power packs (plural)!

    I have continuous run layout in a 14' x 14' room (folded dogbone), wired in blocks for DC, but with a DPDT toggle on the control panel so I can switch to DCC, with the appropriate decoder-equipped locomotives, But I have recently started encountering problems with the DC power packs tripping...
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    Signal/telegraph pole spacing

    How far apart are these generally placed? In the 1940's-'50's. how many lines might be for a double track main line?

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