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    What is the Perfect Sized Layout?

    Actually plan as to what you can handle to maintain as you get older. Even if you have room for a 10000sf layout regular maintenance tasks like cleaning track, dusting it every now and then, repairs, reworking old faded areas, Etc. will come into play. You want something to play with not just...
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    Mbta gp40mc!

    As for the roof and cab you can see in this picture the hump on top of the roof to make it as high as the rest of the loco and notice how the windows are as low as the flat part of the nose.
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    Mbta gp40mc!

    So what if the cab is wrong and maybe some other details, only a few will notice that anyways. For me personally I rather it be spot on for all details but that's how I am and working for the RR I became more of a rivet counter then before as I was looking at cars and locos day in and out and...
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    Looking for Specific Railcars/Rolling Stock

    Try these guys
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster V 2.0

    Looking good Jerome, Damn now I see what I forgot to do to those before I sent them. As for the GMD1's I vote for Blue scheme, LOL.
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    I talked to him a week ago and he is fine, kind of taking a break from trains and doing other stuff that is keeping him quite busy so thats pretty much it, but he is alive and well.
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    What Diesel Locomotive would you like to see..

    Here is my short list that I would like to see all in Conrail and from the 80's and 90's. C30-7a C32-8 C39-8 C36-7 Amtrak and Commuter FL9 P30CH
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    Designing an HO layout for my nephew...Please Critique.

    That's understandable for busy places but not for 2 Co's each getting a car or 2. I know that the RR I worked for had some real PITA switching for industries and avoided using diamonds anywhere unless absolutely necessary I have had to pull out 8 cars that were on spot to get 1 empty then re...
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    Designing an HO layout for my nephew...Please Critique.

    Also is if you keep to the revised plan is there enough room by the lumber yuard to fit a Hopper or Tank car along with the 2-8-0 and tender so it can shove the car into there. As for Real railroads using crossings its highly unlikely they would go through the expense as these Co's can get...
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Yay Welcome back Mr Wheeler.
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    I think Jerome sold his bike but either way I talked to him the other day and he is alive and kicking. He had some health issues and was in the Hospital with no way to communicate.
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    Stupid question I'm sure: Brass

    What is wrong with it?
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    I wil let you guys know if I hear anything, to bad I am all the way in MA as if I lived closer to NC I would swing by, lol.
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    Jerome's Switcher Roster

    Not sure whats going on with Jerome as the last time I had contact with him was 9/8 and I tried calling him and emailing him recently with no luck.
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    Track washout!

    Here is a washout we had on the RR I worked for, if they didnt stop us about 10 miles away I would have hit that at 40mph at 2am.
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    metal wheels. which is better?

    Ya but if you look at a lot of real cars the edge of the wheel rim gets shiny when going through Self Guarding Switch frogs as used in yards and hump yards so thats prototypical as well.
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    rock salt

    You can go to youtube and type in NS Salt Train and you will get some hits such as this. From what I see locally most salt trains use older hopper cars that were used in grain service and they are living their final years in salt service. The cars...
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    Central Valley Truss Bridge

    And I was thinking of getting a 14 of those kits to make a double track bridge, lol. Unfortunatly it might me my best option short of brass, lol.
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    Two level station

    Here are a few I can think of that have two levels of track. Secaucus, NJ, Amtrak, NJT on NEC on top and NJT on the bottom.,-74.075433&spn=0.002186,0.003471&t=h&z=19 Newark, NJ Amtrak, NJT on NEC on lower level and Path on upper level...
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    The High Cost of Model Railroading

    That would be nice, BTW I was 28 when my health issues started in 2006. LOL

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