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  1. GaryMc

    My latest scratch builds

    Been busy having fun building some structures for the town of grimy gulch. All the buildings are scratch built using various windows and doors and detail parts from grandt line and campbell scale models. I copied different ideas from several pictures of many buildings for the results.
  2. GaryMc

    Western scratch build

    Had a bunch of left over stuff from other projects and decided to put it to use. Found a article from 1985 NGSLG with drawings that was perfect and this build is similar in shape and size
  3. GaryMc

    Coach and Combine for the SPL

    Started my next projects using the Labelle Hon3 coach and combine kits. Everything has been moving along smoothly with the roof being the tricky part. Now to start the combine car and get to the same point so I can paint everything at the same time. More pictures to follow as I progress.
  4. GaryMc

    central valley 150' pratt truss

    Taking a short break from my sawmill project decided to build this nice bridge kit from central valley. The kit is not for beginners in model building but not to difficult...just pay attention to the pictures provided for placement of some parts. Still have some work to do on the track and ties...
  5. GaryMc

    Ready for the Hill

    Just finished painting and decaling this Balboa/Katsumi brass AC12 that I got a few weeks ago and now she is ready for her assault on the hill.
  6. GaryMc

    Keystone Loco Bandsaw Mill

    Started my next build on this old kit from the 70's which has a complete interior all in white metal castings. the wood framework was pretty straight forward just modified so the mill will partialy sit in the mill pond instead of flat ground. There is not a pulley system included for under the...
  7. GaryMc

    Red Mountain Mine

    Started this a few weeks ago and will be using to build a diorama. Was going to build an ore tipple across the tracks from the mine but found an article in NGSLG that had the tipple built under the mine that looked great, so that is what I decided to do. First time using foam so on a steep...
  8. GaryMc

    scratch Built Station

    Always liked this little station but couldn't ever find it, I see now where it is available again but decided to have a go at scratch building it. Decided to move the tower to the other side as not to be an exact copy. Used a toilet paper roll for the mold of the tower and made molds out of...
  9. GaryMc

    Qincy fuel oil dock

    Fun kit to build by campbell scale models. Added a pump and other plumbing to the pump house and a few nut and bolt castings. Finished with blk ink and alcohol wash and chalk, painted the plastic tank with tamiya aluminum and weathered with chalk. all in a line
  10. GaryMc

    Water Tower

    Started off as a suncoast models, made some changes to the supports and added 1 more per row and extra cross bracing with grandt line nut and bolt castings. Changed the roof from round to octagon shaped and covered with Campbell shingles. Still have to build a shed and add some ladders to finish up.
  11. GaryMc

    New addition to the roster

    United brass K27 found at our annual train show last weekend. I have remotored it and it just came out the paint shop and put back together. Should have it lettered and numbered in a few days for the SPL.
  12. GaryMc

    Bashing a 4-6-0 Mantua

    Trying to change a Mantua 4-6-0 Rogers into the Sierra railroad #3. Have the tender about done and ready for some paint. Waiting on parts for the engine.
  13. GaryMc

    ATHEARN SW1500 parts list

    Can anybody help me with or how many different sw1500 athearn has made as far as the chassis and drive differences and any parts list. Is the chassis from an older version able to fit the newer version and vice versa.
  14. GaryMc

    Little Red Caboose

    Kits are usually fun to build but this was anything but, Labelle directions are terrible and have to read over and over again. Used Grandt line trucks and Kadee couplers with a few scratch built parts. Hon3 you have very little options for a reasonable priced caboose, Blackstone brand are nice...
  15. GaryMc

    simple little shed

    Scratch built alittle shed, tried to make look old and dusty. Started with drawing on some graph paper then cut and glued the frame together, had fun doing each board drawing lines and cutting out pieces to make look rotten and falling apart. Casted a base out of plaster and carved with a needle...
  16. GaryMc

    Critter Shed

    Started building a house for my critters to keep them out of the cold. Built the base first and colored with chalk/alcohol wash and black ink for the oil stains. Layed out the front frame work on graph paper and covered with wax paper to keep any glue from sticking, then cut the pieces and...
  17. GaryMc

    Hon30 Critter #2

    Here is the big brother to critter #1, converted Life-Like 0-6-0. The only original parts are the boiler front section and the under-frame, running gear and motor assembly. Started building critter #1 and #2 at the same time many years ago and they got stashed away in a box and i just found them...
  18. GaryMc

    Hon30 critter

    SPL delivering a critter for a mining operation, it started as a AHM minitrain and have spent alot of time working on the running gear to make it run smooth
  19. GaryMc

    Hon3 D&RGW box car

    Small build report on a Rail line kit.Started off with the under frame trying to make heads or tails from the instructions...lousy to say the least. Had to break out the NGSL Gazzette mags to find a drawing that showed the under frame brake detail, got that figured out and on to the truss rods...
  20. GaryMc

    A Little Scratch

    After returning to the hobby after 20 years things have really changed. Got the narrow gauge bug and can't believe what rolling stock cost and you still have to buy trucks and couplers or layout alot of cash for the ready to run stuff. I'm old school and like to build so i decided to have a go...

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