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  1. RedRyder77

    Good starter sets for Z Scale?

    I'm looking to buy my 1st Z scale RR soon. I see my local Hobby Lobby has Bachman sets for just over the 100.00 mark. Before I spend on one of them I'm wondering if there is anything else I might be missing out on. Anything you feel is a better bang for the buck? Popular names in the scale I...
  2. RedRyder77

    What are Plymouth Switchers?

    This is probably a dumb question as I know what a switcher does essentially but while doing some random searches on ebay I found these K-Line Plymouth Switchers that I thought looked pretty cool and have somewhat unique look. None of the descriptions went beyond the item description and I was...
  3. RedRyder77


    I have a ton of questions about Conrail and my friend Bruette did a pretty great job of educating me on the failed merger of PRR and NYC but I'd love to know deeper detail from everyone. I understand Conrail can be pretty unpopular in certain circles...and perhaps just the opposite in others...
  4. RedRyder77

    Giving in to temptation...

    It's almost when I go out of my way to tell myself "no trains for a bit" that I see something I really want...aaaaaannnnnnd have the restraint of a kid in a candy store. So, once again I said "nothing else for awhile" after my last few purchases but of course I see a Western Pacific U-Boat by...
  5. RedRyder77

    Article on "Graffiti Problem" in railroading.

    Pretty ridiculous in my opinion but I'm interested in hearing what other's think.
  6. RedRyder77

    Lionel Gateman (all variations)

    I wanted to dedicate a thread to all things Gateman. I recently purchased my 1st and it was the Halloween Gateman (71-6841-250) and it seems the general consensus is that it's a fairly rare piece. Personally I did not purchase it for that, I just always wanted a Gateman and some Halloween themed...
  7. RedRyder77

    Union Pacific Burro Crane set

    I just got this on eBay the other day, always wanted a crane and had never seen one in a UP scheme, or this set for that matter. Very happy with my purchase and the seller was great too. I ended up paying $125.00 which included shipping, sounded like a good deal so I picked it up. Everything was...
  8. RedRyder77

    What were Burro Cranes used for?

    I know that might sound like a silly question but I honestly don't know their primary function and have never actually seen one on the rails. I also just scored a new UP Crane + 2 car set so I'm a bit hot on the subject. Is it safe to assume these were primarily used in rail yards? Thanks!
  9. RedRyder77

    Finally got a Hobby Lobby in town.

    All the talk I've heard about the place and finally on the 4th Of July it opened! Being totally honest, it exceeded my expectations. Ton of great supplies, the model kit selection is awesome (bought 3 cars already), some nice diecast and HO slot cars and N Scale trains which I have been...
  10. RedRyder77

    Z Scale anyone?

    Sorry to the moderators, please delete this thread. I meant to post an N scale thread which there already is.
  11. RedRyder77

    Anyone deal with Diecast direct?

    I saw these nice looking 1:43 scale 1955 Chevy pick ups in the new Classic Toy Trains and wanted to pick up a few. Every time I try to check out, the screen doesn't advance. I'm sure it's a temporary problem, maybe just site maintenance or something but just to be sure everything is cool--has...
  12. RedRyder77

    Trying to volunteer at the railroad museum..

    Kinda bummed out that the Whippany Railroad Museum posted a pic of a Pennsy caboose and a few other things and said they needed summer help so I inquired, let them know I was available Saturday mornings, that I could turn a wrench, have a CDL license, can use a HVLP spray gun etc etc..really...
  13. RedRyder77

    Favorite O Lionel accesories

    What are some of your favorite Lionel accessories over the years? Stuff you own or are looking to own. Mine is the Rotary Aircraft Beacon. Such a cool accessory that really adds some light and action to your layout. I forget it's # but I know I have a red one and now it's seems to be offered in...
  14. RedRyder77

    My 1st Williams engine

    I've been a Lionel purist for awhile now and though I'm saving my pocket change for a few select pieces by the end of the Summer, Trainworld's sale was enough to spark my curiosity. Less than $80.00 shipped? I figure if it stinks I can sell it or weather it or something. Anyway, I did not run it...
  15. RedRyder77

    Galloping Goose

    I was browsing around on Trainworld looking through the MTH stuff and I saw a few of the Galloping Goose units. I'm really just getting familiar with MTH O gauge stuff and I've been a Lionel guy my whole life--I don't ever remember seeing Lionel put one of these out. Very unique and cool looking...
  16. RedRyder77

    Railscope and other novelties

    I see this thing collecting dust in my local train shop and decided to see what was on ebay, found this: Yeah it may be a "novelty" but it's kind of cool...
  17. RedRyder77

    Do you lke what you do for a living?

    In continuing my effort to get to know everyone, I thought I'd post this. Just curious if anyone here actually enjoys what they do. I'm a truck driver and though there are some days I'm sure I would've been better off in bed, for the most part I like it, take pride in my job, equipment and I'm...
  18. RedRyder77

    If you could buy something under $400.00 right now..

    I've been window shopping a lot the last few days and the handful of items I'm really hot on fall under the $400.00 mark. I'm leaving out the GG-1 on this since I'm 99.9% sure it's coming home in a month or so but man if I had a few extra bucks at my disposal right now? I'd have to flip a...
  19. RedRyder77

    Fantastic vintage GG-1 video!

    I could watch these old videos all night long...and I've been!
  20. RedRyder77

    What happened to Sinatra's trains?

    I know that the big man was a fan of model railroading, probably didn't know that he was such a fan of them until a few years ago though. There is a little shop I go to here in NJ, Tony's Train Town that has a picture of Mr. Sinatra holding one of his tinplates and that sparked some conversation...

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