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  1. abcraghead

    OK, I've got an Industry Gripe!

    Manufacturers secretly have invested money in Paasche, Badger, Testors, Floquil, and Microscale. If they made all the schemes right straight out of the box, they wouldn't make money off their secret investments! :-P
  2. abcraghead

    HO Crossing signals help?

    I'm planning on installing some crossing signals on my layout, but I want to seek some advice first. Who here has installed them, which brands, and what advice would you have based on experience? I really like the very prototypical look of the Details West sets, but they don't seem to be...
  3. abcraghead

    "Warping" Techniques

    The water takes too long. I've tried that approach before. I'd say hold it outside up, and light the backside (inside) of the gon between the ribs. You might just want to do a little at a time. Sometimes if you keep something that delicate about timing up for a while you start getting tired...
  4. abcraghead

    "Warping" Techniques

    If you use a BBQ lighter, you could just heat it for a while, then test it quickly. It won't drop temp that fast, so if it still needs more, keep applying. Or, use a halogen bulb. Joe Fugate knows all about their heating properties! :rolleyes:
  5. abcraghead

    My nemesis

    Wow, Ryan. I just clicked on the eBay auction for that car. Congrats!
  6. abcraghead

    New Meltdown Looming???

    I don't work for MR, but.... :-D *coughs* There are no doubt "back articles" that have not been publshed, but if they get in print has more to do with the balance of whats already in an issue, how much space there is, etc.... Developing a working relationship with an editor helps open...
  7. abcraghead

    Rail & Spike sources?

    Thanks, Willis! Very helpful links.
  8. abcraghead

    Rebuilding the Cowlitz, Chehalis, and Cascade Railway

    Actually, it can be used for more than 9 engines, as long as no more than nine are purchased in one year. If you start your count with zero, you could do up to ten engines per year. Another that is common is HHSS or HHYY, e.g. your GP7 could be 1801 (1750HP rounded to 1800, first unit in...
  9. abcraghead

    Rail & Spike sources?

    Where can one find bulk rail for G or G-ish scale? Commercial track is limiting and spendy as all get out, there's gotta be a better way. Metal supply firms? Something? Also, where can one find frogs, and spikes?
  10. abcraghead

    Rebuilding the Cowlitz, Chehalis, and Cascade Railway

    Seth, I'd swear by the Atlas stuff. BTW, I'd stick to the 38's just for weight/size, they should perform nicely. But if you have to go switcher, I'd advise the Stewert Baldwins. They are big and hefty and very nice runners.
  11. abcraghead

    Show Your Face

    Moi... on... umm... a 1:1 scale. Photo taken by Kathi Kube and used with permission.
  12. abcraghead

    Soaker or Drip System?

    She can always run it in reverse. :D
  13. abcraghead

    Rain Did Me a Favor

    Uhoh. Claudia's RR is on the move again? Dang, I think I just lost a bet! :D
  14. abcraghead

    Feb 25, Drop In And Wish A Happy Birthday TO dons darkroom, & EPTC100

    I'll pass it on to Brian (EPTC100)
  15. abcraghead

    Posted Under Protest

    I thought raspberry was spelled "PLBBTTT"? ~Inquiring Glossary Proofreader
  16. abcraghead

    Posted Under Protest

    *snicker* Did "TH" make you do it?
  17. abcraghead

    New switching layout

    What kind of cars are you wanting to use, and in what era? That'll have a big impact on what industries you choose.
  18. abcraghead

    F&CGR Back on Track

    Ya know Claudia, you're narrow gauge empire couldn't be more authentic. Just like the real thing, it spent more time idle and abandoned in the weeds than it did operating trains!
  19. abcraghead


    Jeff: Use an Athearn 40-2 hatch, and then paint or drill the sight glass on the long hood.
  20. abcraghead


    I assume this is an as-built 39, not a later rebuild from a GP35 or GP30? In that case, the best starting point is either a GP38 or GP38-2 -- choose your favorite manufacturer, Atlas, Athearn, or P2K. If it's a rebuild 39, try starting from a P2K GP30, or a Kato GP35.

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