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    Hello Everyone Newbie Here

    welcome to the forum, from Utah
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    Hello from Colorful Colorado

    colorful indeed, welocme to the forum
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    Utah railway project

    the survey crew is done with their initial sketches on the benchwork and what track is already laid, when I can I will get the plans posted with currect trackage and planned trackage. ran some locos on the existing track and found a few problem dead spots, clearance issues and such. cold be due...
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    do you ever get sad when you look at some of the stuff you've gotten from ebay?

    good point, after my father dies My mom got rid of a bunch of his rolling stock and track at a yard sale before she or I know that I was interested in ressurecting my dads layout that he had just started. hopefully the person who got a killer deal puts it to good use.
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    Logging Equipment

    they definatly look the part of pieces of hard working machinery.
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    coming back to the hobby after 30 years

    welcome aboard, from Utah
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    My first Layout - a 5' x 9' Modern BNSF Freelance

    very nice work to aspire to. nice to see the train show worked out well.
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    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    I am new to the forum and this is the first time I have checked out this post so i must say that it has been interesting to see the steps, progress and order of work that has been done. also informative to read some of the reasons why things were done how they were. I will have to spend some...
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    Favorite tool....train related?

    gotta be my Craftsman rotary tool or the NMRA gauge.
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    North Fork

    I really like the rockwork, is the coal building scratch built?
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    The edge of the world (aka construction time) & "Safety Train"

    looks good, hope to see how your asphalt turns out.
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    Utah railway project

    not sure yet. I have not been able to find my dads original track plans, this surprises me because he was so good at keeping track of everything. after i get everything drawn up for what is already there I will figure out what direction I will take. I am not so sure I am to interested in things...
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    My Midland Valley (fictional) Railway 1st loco

    looks real good, i like the colors you chose.
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    Howdy new guy

    hey ther model-a, welcome from Utah
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    Utah railway project

    I introduced myself in the introductions section of this forum with a little info on what I was up to under new guy last week. briefly I am fairly new to the actual modeling portion of this hobby but i have been interested for a long time. my dad had been working on a layout before he passed...
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    HO scale Athearn "R" dumptruck snowplow

    very amazing
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    Hi there from utah. nice to have you on board
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    new to forum

    Thanks Trussrod. I just got clearance from My mom and my wife to start work. first step is to get all the junk cleaned out and survey what I have to work with. I think in rememberance of my dad I will loosly model the Utah RR from Martin/ Helper just east of soldier summit utah to Grand junction...
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    My first Layout - a 5' x 9' Modern BNSF Freelance

    looks like you put your years of reading MR to good use, looks great
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    North Fork

    nice to see the progression, it gives a guy just starting out some hope.

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