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    Won a couple of Sunset Models GN class O-8 locomotives in the GNRHS auction!

    Staining is no big deal. You’re going to paint them anyway. As long as the brass isn’t pitted they’ll be fine. Green boiler or black?
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    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning Coffee Shop denizens. There have been some interesting developments in my life lately that are forcing less modeling time than I'd prefer, but I'm still getting some train time in. The below vid is of a short train I ran at the club to test the GP-38-2. I found it on e-Bay for...
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    How Do You Store Your Excess Rolling Stock?

    Axion boxes. I don’t have a home layout either, so everything gets transported at one time or another. Passenger equipment gets stored on the larger boxes from Spring Creek, which sadly is no longer doing them.
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    Flattening powders added to hobby enamels?

    Nope. I just spray Dullcote or an equivalent.
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    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Morning all. Kicking off the Labor day weekend a little early, playing hooky today! I went to the LHS unsupervised day before yesterday and something called my name. Here it is: I was testing my new Athearn SD-40 last night. Good news: nice model, runs & sounds great, detail not up to Genesis...
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    Broadway Limited UP 4-12-2

    No doubt you can, but I wasn't speaking to "can" I was speaking to "should". ;) Its up to each of us to decide what to do on our railroad. For me, I don't care for massive overhang. If I can look down the side of the model and see one rail and half the ties on the curve, that just looks...
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    Broadway Limited UP 4-12-2

    The review I saw says 22" minimum radius. Two of the center driver sets are blind. It's a nice model, but it will overhang severely on 22" radius curves. I'd go with double headed 2-8-0's instead, but that's just me. The sound file is good. It captures the slightly off cadence chuff rate of...
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Hi Tom, I only own two Scale Trains locos. A pair of tunnel motors. Not enough to judge their couplers, though I have not had issues with them that way. Nice models though! Yeah no Trainfest this year. NAPM is in the process of deciding if we will do our open house this year. I predict...
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Nice buildings Willie. I've always liked Downtown Deco. I have a couple of their kits here. I should look into doing one of them. After I get back on O'Neil's, and various and sundry other projects, which there seem to be too many of these days. Glad you liked the notes on the FP's. I...
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Oh! Sorry, My Bad! North Metro does come up now & then though. I just wasn't aware of the location.
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Yep. I was the President down there for 11 years. Sometimes North Metro comes up. We have quite a few Illinois guys in the membership.
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    Passenger car lighting kits

    Have you installed interiors?
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning All! I finally got those Genesis FP-7's ready and took them to the club for testing. Getting them ready consisted of a little programming (just an address change) and replacing those *#$@(*&^! plastic McHenry couplers Athearn insists on using with Kadees. A little product review...
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    Greg, I got them from Jetco’s Hiawatha Hobbies up in Waukesha. They’ve always treated me right.
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    They actually did a Cotton Belt version on this run Sherrel. No dynamic brakes, no plow pilot, but lettered for SP. It came west and served on peninsula commutes. They modeled it after the Cotton Belt front name plate and Cotton Belt lettering were already gone.
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    They did, in the current run. Also in the 2014 run. I like Black Widow too, but this iteration only appeared in bloody nose. Bloody nose has been growing on me!
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    Running Bear's August 2021 Coffee Shop

    I picked up an A-A set of Genesis FP-7's this weekend. One of the plow pilots came loose. I always change out the plastic couplers, as they're not worth a flip, and one pilot came loose when handling. I also put an extra piece of foam in my cradle as I wasn't sure how durable the icicle...
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    Running Bear’s July 2021 Coffee Shop

    Hello All! Been a while since I posted. I laid O'Neill's aside for a little while while some scenery components were ordered and a few additional parts came in. While that project was in "awaiting parts" status I found a model I've been looking for for quite a while. I needed that perfect...
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    Athearn Genesis rolling stock more expensive than everyone else now?

    We seem to have this discussion every couple of months or so. "The hobby is dying, nobody builds kits, younger people aren't coming in, yada yada yada.... " No it isn't. I belong to a large club. We have plenty of younger members, most who have joined in the last couple of years. At my LHS...
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    A very small 2225gal Bromine tank car!

    I thought my 6,000 gallon Chlorine tank cars looked small. Interesting car. Bromine is also an interesting cargo. Nice work.

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