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  1. Amtrk14

    Does anyone else model BNSF and/or have a BNSF MRR?

    Mostly a UP and Amtrak modeler...but some BNSF. Looking to get some T55 GEVO's and the new BNSF Patch Athearn Genesis SD70MAC's that are coming out. Sean
  2. Amtrk14

    A good visit to the LHS today

    For those that picked-up the new UP AC6000CW's, I have a question. On the first run of the UP AC6000CW's, the UP models had walkway mounted ditch lights. There were many complaints about the lights being too dim, making them very hard to see. The new BLI UP models have pilot-mounted...
  3. Amtrk14

    Anyone Own A Tower 55 Loco?

    I have one of the UP ES44AC's, and I love it! By far one of the best products on the market. Details are by far the best of any manufacturer, and I think the sound is pretty good as well. Don't expect to see the SD70ACe's for a few months, possibly more. Sean
  4. Amtrk14

    Weekend Photo Phun .... 5/13 5/14

    Congratulations Josh! Wishing you and your wife a long, happy marriage. Sean
  5. Amtrk14

    Picture fun for the week/end Feb 10-12...

    Hi Josh, Metrolink set looks good! ;-) Sean
  6. Amtrk14

    Where's the man with the...

    Hi Josh, please check your PM's. Sean
  7. Amtrk14

    My new website.

    The OMI cars are way to expensive for me. There is a rumor going around saying that Walthers will be coming out with them in late 2006. Lets hope it is true! Sean
  8. Amtrk14

    My new website.

    Will Do!!! Thanks for the nice words. I'm waiting for some HO Scale Surfliner Cars to come out. Sean
  9. Amtrk14

    My new website.

    Hi guys, Just finished my new website. Take a look! Thanks, Sean
  10. Amtrk14

    HO Short Lines

    PA1 Daylight, can you please email me. I sent you an email. Thanks, sean
  11. Amtrk14

    Late Weekend PhotoFun 01-16-06

    Where did you get the covered BNSF hoppers in the first picture? Sean
  12. Amtrk14

    HO Short Lines

    PA1 Daylight, please check your email. Thanks, Sean
  13. Amtrk14

    Attn: Canadian and/or Via Rail Modelers

    Hello All, I have 5 Walthers Via Rail Canada Cars that are in perfect condition for sale. Please contact me at for more info, pricing, and pictures. Thanks, Sean
  14. Amtrk14


    No problem. Glad they are going to a good home! Thanks Again, Sean
  15. Amtrk14

    More Weathering Projects

    Hi Bill, Nice shots! Your diorama looks good too. Do you have any new pictures of your layout that you can post? Thanks and Happy Holidays, Sean
  16. Amtrk14

    VIA Passenger sevice is coming!

    Hey Russian, it's coming along well. If you ever want to update your Via Fleet, I would Suggest these: Brand New Walthers F40PH w/ upgraded motor: New Silver Via Rail Passenger Cars from Con-Cor (I would tell you to get the Walthers ones...
  17. Amtrk14

    Who wants Surfliner/California Cars???

    No, you don't have to comit to getting them. I'm just trying to show the manufacturers that there ARE people out there that want these cars. Sean
  18. Amtrk14

    Who wants Surfliner/California Cars???

    Yes, I am hoping to get alot of people to say that they want them, then I'm going to send the list to some manufacturers. Sean
  19. Amtrk14

    Who wants Surfliner/California Cars???

    For those who would like to see the Amtrak Surfliner and California Cars come out in HO Scale, please say so, and also put how many of each you would get. As for me, I would get a couple sets of the Surfliner Cars and one set of the California Cars. Thanks, Sean
  20. SD70M3


    A Custom UP SD70M w/ Flared Radiators and a Phase ll Cab leads a freight train through the station.

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