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  1. Greg@mnrr

    How Do You Store Your Excess Rolling Stock?

    If you are like many of us, you have extra pieces of rolling stock that isn't on your layout. How do you store these pieces of rolling stock? In their original boxes, in plastic totes or cardboard storage containers designed for this purpose? Thanks. Greg
  2. Greg@mnrr

    Looking for the Toggle Switch Face Plates

    I'm looking for the toggle switch face plates used on the Model Railroad Video Plus Rehab My Railroad "Jones Island" project series. They were installed on the layout's fascia. I could only read what looked like Rail Crew or something close. The plates looked like they were made of aluminum...
  3. Greg@mnrr

    Rapido SW1200 Locomotives - Out of the Box Running Problems

    Hello to all. I have a question regarding the new release of the Rapido SW1200 locomotives. I read or heard that some or many of the locomotive have rough running out of the box due only to excess lube on the wheel-sets. Once the wheel-sets are cleaned the locomotives will run like a Rapido...
  4. Greg@mnrr

    Running Consists With Foreign Power

    As I roamed the internet today looking for cab rides, I thought of a question that I was meaning to ask the Forum members. Do you ever run consists that have foreign power on your layout. I plan to run leased locomotives mixed with locomotives that consider my layout as home. As an example...
  5. Greg@mnrr

    NJ International

    Every-time I check Walther's it seems that NJ International is always out of certain items and the note "No word from the manufacture". This is leading me to believe that something is happening at NJ and is it still in business? I email them a question some time ago and I never heard back from...
  6. Greg@mnrr

    Best Club Cab Ride Videos

    I really enjoy many of the home layout cab videos and at the same time like the cab rides from large club layouts. I rank the East and West rides at the Colorado Railroad Model Railroad museum some of the best. Which cab rides do you like the best? Greg...
  7. Greg@mnrr

    Kadee Uncouplers

    I have a bunch of Kadee above track uncouplers (#321)that I purchased years ago. Using these uncouplers on Code 83 track requires cutting the rails to make the uncoupler fit and work properly. Looking at the Kadee website, Kadee now offers a above uncoupler (#322) that doesn't require cutting...
  8. Greg@mnrr

    Scale Trains vs. Rapido

    Just looking for Forum members' experiences with both Scale Train and Rapido locomotives. What do you like or dislike about your model locomotive(s) and do you reccommend them? I have a Scale trains MILW locomotive on order and I'm think about a Rapido locomotive as well. I have a Rapido RDC...
  9. Greg@mnrr

    Sealing Weathering Powders....

    Many of us use weathering powders to weather our rolling stock and locomotives. The best known powders include Aim (Monroe) and Pan Pastels. Both are excellent mediums, but there is a slight difference between the two types of powders. Pan Pastels are more liquid than the drier Aim...
  10. Greg@mnrr

    Grimy Black

    I have lots of different brands of Grimy Black paint, bottles and cans, but I'm looking for the one specifically, that when dry has a gray tint to the black. Any ideas anyone? Thanks. Greg
  11. Greg@mnrr

    Is Your Layout Ready for Visitors?

    Tomorrow, while I have several projects in mind, the first and foremost is cleaning up the messy layout room. I have a bad habit of making a mess on the carpet tiles, leaving items on the work bench, layout projects started but unfinished and letting dust build up on the layout, beside my...
  12. Greg@mnrr

    Flat Car Decking

    I have several flat cars with plastic decking and I would like to install real wood decking on the cars. What size scale lumber should I use for the decking and what manufacture(s) of strip wood do you like the best? Thanks. Greg
  13. Greg@mnrr

    Installing a New Decoder in a Bachmann GE 70 Ton Locomotive

    I have two Bachmann GE 70 ton locomotives and I want to replace the original DCC boards with Digitrax DZ123 decoders. Their small size lends them to an install in the Bachmann locomotives. Looking at the motor(s) on the Bachmann locomotives it appears that there are three capacitors linked...
  14. Greg@mnrr

    Today's Funny

    I recently had my Silverado truck serviced and I was very unhappy with the $717.17 bill I received. I fumed for a couple of days and then became even more upset after watched a couple of U Tube videos on how to do the work the dealer had performed. It really was a simple job and not worth the...
  15. Greg@mnrr

    Using a Locomotive to Push Rolling Stock Into Yard Tracks

    On my CM&N Railroad I have a small yard that's off a long yard entrance lead. The yard has four main tracks that will receive cars that are in transit and are being separated according to their destinations. There is one problem with the yard and its that the hidden under track and above...
  16. Greg@mnrr

    Using Graphite on Rail Heads to Improve Conductivity and Operation

    I watched a video on TrainMastersTV where Joe Fugate suggests using B4 graphite on HO rail heads to improve conductivity and reduce the gunk, metal oxides) commonly found on the rails and that hinder electrical conductivity. Fugate suggests that you first clean the rails before using the...
  17. Greg@mnrr

    Operating Sessions

    A lot of discussions center on Operating Sessions and exactly how the owner of layouts expects his session(s) to operate. If you have Operating Sessions on your layout, does your layout use Car Cards, Waybills, a Dispatcher, a computer generated system or car tabs to name a few ways of...
  18. Greg@mnrr

    Building Mortar Joints

    I found a great way to create good looking mortar joints on plastic structures. First I use Robert's Brick Mortar applied, wet evenly over the structure and I allow it to dry (a film will appear on the brick faces). Then I use a cloth to wipe the remaining residue of the brick faces leaving...
  19. Greg@mnrr

    DCC Specialties - PSX-1 DCC Circuit Breaker

    I just received my DCC Specialties PSX-1 DCC Circuit Breaker and I'm wondering if anyone has installed one of these units on your layout and how did installation go fo you? Also how is the unit performing on your layout? The soldering pads for Numbers J7-3 to J7-4 look close together to...
  20. Greg@mnrr

    Planning Your Layout and Track Plans

    How many of the Forum Members used track plans from a magazine or book, designed your own track plan or processed ahead with just a track plan in mind? If you designed your own track plan did you use a track planning software or drew the plan free hand? If you used a track planning software...

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