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  1. TrucTrain55

    AHM O scale Custom Boxcars

    These are some O scale AHM I’ve been working on. The Lackawanna I painted/decaled last year with Tichy Train Group decals today I put a new floor in it and added some Lionel sprung trucks which I drilled out all the ones I have and removed that pin/ button. Next was a Union Pacific car I used...
  2. TrucTrain55

    Atlas O Custom Union Pacific Boxcar

    This a Atlas O Boxcar I painted it last year one side didn’t turn out very well after I put the Champ decals on I gave it a light coat of clear the decals kinda had a reaction to it but I’m going to leave it.
  3. TrucTrain55

    Dough Hill Layout

    Here’s a few pics of my O scale layout I’ve been working on
  4. TrucTrain55

    Custom painted Athearn re-powered F7 Soo Line

    This is a old Athearn F7 shell I painted and decaled for Soo Line. The re-power is a Bachmann Spectrum F7. Still have more to details to put on it so that’s it for tonight
  5. TrucTrain55

    Dough Hill Layout expansion

    I added another 4x8 section to my layout this week and added some turn outs
  6. TrucTrain55

    O scale Circus Wagons

    I built a lot of HO Circus Wagons and equipment now that I’m in O scale I thought I’d start building some Circus wagons. This is one of my first O scale semi scratch built wagons. I’m waiting for more detail parts from Don Mills
  7. TrucTrain55

    Chessie System Project (Bachmann GP40)

    Today I lightly weathered a Bachmann Chessie System GP40 it doesn’t look like it is but up close you can tell the yellow is calmed down quit a bit. I’ll get some pics of it on my layout soon
  8. TrucTrain55

    Dough Hill Piggyback Operation

    Here’s some pics of my O Scale Piggyback Operations
  9. TrucTrain55

    Weathering some Lionel PS-4 Piggyback cars

    Here’s some more Lionel PS-4 Piggyback Cars I’m weathering
  10. TrucTrain55

    Chessie System Project (3 bay Covered Hopper)

    I’m stating to build up my Chessie System Rolling stock I don’t know how many I’ll get done but here’s a start with this Hopper
  11. TrucTrain55

    Custom MOW Wrecking Crane

    Well before I call it a day and waiting for some decals, I found this old relic in the parts box it has been broken and the thread is a tangled mess sometimes I’ve thought about just throwing it away but I didn’t. So I stated working on it first up is to get that 40yr JB weld off.
  12. TrucTrain55

    Custom MOW Work Caboose

    Here’s a Custom MOW work Caboose that I’ve been working on It started out as a a HM white car in the Caboose Shell is a Tyco
  13. TrucTrain55

    Ulrich Mack H Reefers

    Here’s a couple Mack Ulrich Reefers I build using some Custom made decals from a friend of mine
  14. TrucTrain55

    HO Autocar U trucks

    Here’s a couple Autocar U trucks that I’ve built. They are Sheepscot the coal truck has a Jordan coal bed on it
  15. TrucTrain55

    O scale All Nations Boxcars

    Here’s a couple of my favorite O scale All Nations Boxcars
  16. TrucTrain55

    Frisco Wood Reefer (Custom)

    I started another Custom Reefer this week don’t know if Frisco has these or not but to me it could have happened. The Reefer is a old Mantua I have about 6 of these left but they are tyco ones. This is my last Mantua. Enjoy the pics.
  17. TrucTrain55

    St. Louis Southwestern Cotton Belt Wood Reefer (Custom Build)

    Calling this one done
  18. TrucTrain55

    Morrell Meats Wood Reefer (Restoration

    Calling this one done. Enjoy the pics
  19. TrucTrain55

    New York Central Wood Reefer (restoration)

    Calling this one done enjoy the pics.
  20. TrucTrain55

    St. Louis Southwestern Cotton Belt Wood Reefer (Restoration)

    This is another old Mantua Wood Reefer Restoration. I Custom made the decals by copying some old Champ Decals. Cleaned and repainted it. This is what I have so far.

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