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    WGH Train Show Photo Gallery

    Photos from the World's Greatest Hobby Train Show in Puyallup, WA on 1/21/17 Sponsored by the Hobby Manufacturer's Association - Model Railroad Division and by the World's Greatest Hobby Program, the show is intended to introduce the general public to model railroading in an entertaining...
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    Double Turntable Roundhouse.

    So you ended up with TWO turntable and roundhouse kits? What to do? You can't just put them side by side, that wouldn't be realistic, would it? Well, generally speaking, it wasn't done that way. But there seems to always be an exception, and here's one that looks like a model railroad gone...
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    Links Directory Comments Needed

    I'm going to be doing some work on the suppliers section of the links directory. In case you're not familiar with it, that directory has listings of commercial model railroad suppliers. Hobby shops, manufacturers, wholesalers etc. What I'm wondering about is the manufacturer section...
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    Scale Bascule Bridge wins contest

    Bill Young, a St. Helena resident, is a large man; a man of ideas and complexity. Building model railroads and railroad bridges has been his hobby. Three years ago he wanted to challenge his capabilities. In his quest to find a complicated model railroad project, he came across a Bascule...
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    Allied Model Trains closing

    All aboard! Allied Model Trains is leaving the station. This week, one of the nation's largest model train stores is closing its longtime home in Culver City: a half-block-long replica of Los Angeles' Union Station. And fading along with it, says owner Allen Drucker, is the model train...
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    HO Code 100 #8 Turnout Supplier?

    I'm looking for some code 100 #8 turnouts. I know Atlas makes some nice code 83 #8's, but I'm modeling PRR and I want the mainline to be Code 100. (They used BIG rail back in the era I'm modeling).
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    PRR NEC Layout - Big City Railroading

    This fellow is either a genius, crazy, or maybe a bit of both... In any case, an incredible layout, I can't believe how much he's managed to cram in a small space. His website is well worth a visit for a look at what you can do with city scenery...
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    Kit-O-Mat Software?

    Anyone ever used this product, or even heard of it before? Interesting product, though I'd sure like to get some idea of how much this custom designed building I might create would cost before I shell out $40 for the program to...
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    Wuppertal Monorail in HO!

    This company offers a beatiful (or so the photos imply) model of the Wuppertal monorail in HO scale. It's made in Germany and it's not cheap, but take a look at how nice this looks!
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    Layout Design Project - Garage Layout Stage 1

    This is the `first attempt at a forum layout design project. The rules are simple. A modeler provides a diagram of the available space, and some design parameters. Folks participating can use whatever design program they prefer, anything from AutoCAD to a #2 pencil. Use something you enjoy...
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    Layout Design Exercise?

    Ok, I'll admit I've got an agenda here. I'm designing a layout, and trying to fit in way too much stuff (like any other model railroader...) In all this talk about XtrkCad, I got to wondering if I should let other folks take a crack at the space available. Is there any interest in my putting...
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    Current Design Software???

    I primarily use 3rdPlanit for my layout designs. It can be a hassle to learn/use at times but the results are just plain excellent. I also use CadRail on occasion, but not nearly as much. I recently decided to do some more work on my garage layout project (I'm wondering where in the heck...
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    Talk about specific prototype...

    I've seen some model railroaders who model specific railroads before, and even specific eras, but this fellow takes it to the ultimate... I'm not sure how the trains even move, if the clock never changes :confused: but his site, and his railroad, are very nice.
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    Thomas - Train of Terror?

    Uh, yeah, sure... Full story:
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    Lgb Mts?

    I've been playing around with an LGB layout under the Christmas tree. While searching the net, I've found some references to an LGB Multi Train System, or MTS. Now my layout is way too small for that sort of thing, unless you want to see one train chasing the other in circles like a dog...
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    LGB track at a good price?

    I'm looking for a small quantity of LGB track, basically enough for the old "circle around the Christmas tree" arrangement. Still, the track is expensive enough (and hard to find around here) that I'm considered buying it online. Anyone know of a good supplier with reasonable prices for the...
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    Links directory feedback please?

    I've just reviewed the statistics for the links directory, and they are, well, in a word, lousy. First of all, I would like to thank the 3 people who have visited the site. That was very kind of you... OK, maybe it was more than 3 people, but it's a lot less than I'd hoped. So tell me...
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    Model train controlled via brain-machine interface

    Hitachi has successfully tested a brain-machine interface that allows users to turn power switches on and off with their mind... In the experiments, test subjects were able to activate the power switch of a model train by performing mental arithmetic and reciting items from memory. Full...
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    Favorite DCC system and why do you like it?

    I realize this is a lot like asking which baseball team is best, or what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, but I'm curious as to which DCC systems folks like and why they like them. I understand there is no right answer, and different folks have different goals. I need to get a DCC system...
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    Union Pacific, M.T.H. Electric Trains Settle Trademark Dispute

    Omaha, Neb., November 8, 2006 – M.T.H. Electric Trains and Union Pacific Railroad are pleased to announce that they have amicably settled the trademark infringement case that UP filed against M.T.H in Omaha, Nebraska federal court. The settlement benefits both parties, as well the entire model...

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