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  1. Brakeman Hal


    Every notice I get from ebay saying they have an O-Scale 2-Rail steam loco turns out to be an O-Scale 3-Rail from the MTH model number or a picture of the underside of the loco showing the center rail pickup rollers. The Dash-1 at the end of the MTH model number indicates 3-Rail, and a Dash-2...
  2. Brakeman Hal

    Has Atlas Acquired all of MTH Tooling Since they Stopped Production?

    I'm looking for an O-Scale 2-Rail Steam Loco with DCC and Sound, preferably a 2-8-0 Consolidation or a 2-6-0 Mogul with Western road names, like SF, UP, or SP. Is Atlas in production again with former MTH engines? Thanks, Brakeman Hal
  3. Brakeman Hal

    Will I Be Forced Into 3-Rail?

    With my choice in O-Scale 2-Rail locomotives drying up, I might have to consider 3-Rail, but only if flex track were available, because I have large curves, up to 50", which is 100" diameter. I see that 3-Rail O-Scale (gauge) engines and rolling stock have just as much detail and realism as my...
  4. Brakeman Hal

    Contacting Ebay Sellers

    I recently got an Ebay Account, and have been getting Emails about available O-Scale 2-Rail Steam Locos I've been interested in, and I appreciate that, except I need to get more information from the Seller, because I have a DCC Controller with Sound Functions, and would like to know if the Ebay...
  5. Brakeman Hal

    Historic Railroad Songs

    Everybody's favorite is probably "Wreck of the Old 97", based on the true story of Southern Railway's mail train #97, pulled by a new 4-6-0 engine, with engineer Steve Broady at the throttle, on September 27, 1903 outside of Danville, Virginia. The words tell the story of an engineer who had to...
  6. Brakeman Hal

    What Other Brands Have DCC and Sound in their O-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Engines?

    Since MTH is closing its doors in June, 2021 and has no inventory in stock any where I've called so far, I'm wondering if other makers can supply what I need in a Consolidation in 2-Rail O Scale with DCC and Sound? Hal
  7. Brakeman Hal

    MTH 0-Scale 2-Rail 2-8-0 Consolidations.

    Hello, Trainmen! :) An MTH company employee directed me to a website called MTH Product Locator, and I found that their 2-8-0-Consolidation locomotives were available in 18 different models, with different Road Names, Curve Radii, Valve Types, and with DCC and Sound. Ten of these models have...
  8. Brakeman Hal

    Will this O-Scale 2-Rail Layout Handle 2-8-0 and 2-8-2 Steamers?

    My radii are 42" minimum and 45" and 50" on the corners. I run 4-axle diesels and a 4-6-2 Pacific with no problems, but I'd like to run a 2-8-2 Mikado or a 2-8-0 Consolidation. Thanks, Hal
  9. Brakeman Hal


    Yesterday I began to scan EBAY's long list of O-Scale 2-Rail locomotives, and this is the only place that has dozens for sale, mostly Brass. I quickly found an engine that had everything I wanted, including a Western road name: Union Pacific. I made a note of where I found it, and went on for...
  10. Brakeman Hal

    Will My Curves Support Engines With 8 Drivers?

    Hello, I have a large 127.5-foot O-Scale 2-Rail folded dogbone layout with loops of 42" and 45" radius, and 90 degree turns of 45" and 50" radius. These are equivalent to 7' and 8' diameter circles. My 4-6-2 Pacific and my GP-35 Diesels have no problem on these curves, and will take them at a...
  11. Brakeman Hal

    Stiff-Swiveling Front Truck Causes Derailing

    My O-Scale 2-Rail GP-35 Diesel runs fine all around my 130-foot folded dogbone, except for one point, where there is a transition from a curve to a straight, and this is where the front truck derails. My other engines and my rolling stock have no problem at this point, and this is because their...
  12. Brakeman Hal

    Siding Now Main Route

    Was having trouble with train going through main route because engine would derail on the frog of the turnout leading to the siding. So I made the SIDING a portion of the main route, and blocked the turnout from entering the main route with a spike through the switching bar. So it still looks...
  13. Brakeman Hal

    Where Are All The O-Scale 2-rail Steam Engines?

    Gentlemen, before I die, I would like to go out with an O-Scale 2-Rail Steam Locomotive in my roster. (I have an MTH Pacific that doesn't run.) My Steam Heritage goes back to the early 1940s, when my Dad, a Pennsy Fireman, would take me to work with him when he had Yard Duty. I could never...
  14. Brakeman Hal

    Considering Dismantling My Large Layout

    Hello, After carefully building the heavy 2x4 benchwork for my 130-foot O-Scale 2-Rail Folded Dogbone layout and laying all that flex track and simulating the Mountain/Desert terrain where I live, I find that after 2 years, I'm the only one who appreciates it. Others who have visited my Train...
  15. Brakeman Hal

    My Three Controllers

    (No, this does not star Fred MacMurray)😄 On the left is my MTH controller, which is compatible with engines with DCS decoders, and also DC locos. Next is my Digitrax controller, which is compatible with engines with DCC decoders, and also DC locos. Last is my 45-year-old MRC controller, which...
  16. Brakeman Hal

    Valve Gear

    I like to watch steam locomotives in action when they have Walschearts valve gear, with the eccentric rod taken from a 90 degree crank on one of the drivers. The locos with simple valve gear just show the main rod connecting the drivers and nothing else; it's not as interesting to watch. Hal
  17. Brakeman Hal

    Maximum Short-Run Grades

    Would a light freight train with a GP35 on the point be over-taxed on a 3.6% grade over 1/4 scale mile? (10" rise over 27.5 feet in O Scale) Hal
  18. Brakeman Hal

    Programming CVs with a Digitrax Controller.

    I want to reduce the sound volume on my O-Scale 2-Rail MTH GP-35, because it's extremely loud even when my train is 35 feet away! I go to the sound CV, which is number 58 in my DCS52 DCC controller and follow the instructions in the Digitrax manual, but the sound volume isn't reduced. I do...
  19. Brakeman Hal

    Just Recovered From Hack I signed on?

    I just had my computer restored after a Hack I recognized? Thanks, Hal
  20. Brakeman Hal

    No Luck in my Search for an O-Scale 2-Rail 2-6-0 or 2-6-2 Steamer with DCC and Sound

    This wasn't like my previous HO layout when I had a huge choice of equipment! I would prefer a Western road name, (SF, UP, SP, GN) but will take any road as long as its either a 2-6-0 Mogul or a 2-6-2 Prairie with DCC and Sound. (I have a Digitrax Controller). If you can find me a Seller who...

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