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    Today's Birthday George D

    Thanks, but I ain't saying how old I am. :D George
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    B&O Hoppers

    Sorry, I didn't read the fine print. :confused: George
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    B&O Hoppers

    Try Accurail. George
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    SCATTER " ground cover"

    Thanks Willis. I'm house broken. I learned long ago to do things like that out back in the garage. :D George
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    SCATTER " ground cover"

    Willis, The wire wheel method sounds like something I need to try. What do you use for dye? George
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    SCATTER " ground cover"

    Willis, Thanks for the comments on my picture. I'm interested on how you made the ground foam. It looks like you have a nice variety of texture there. George
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    SCATTER " ground cover"

    Thanks for the comments. I like to add paths to scenes, they're easy to do, add interest to the scene and they're cheap - the dirt came from my back yard.
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    SCATTER " ground cover"

    I guess I need to step in with some comments in favor of foam. I'm currently building an NMRA module that is supposed to look like western Pennsylvania, which has a very lush green growth in the summer. For the grass, overgrowth and bushes, I used Silflor made by Scenic Express and ground...
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    Speed of sound

    Last night at the club we ran only steam. About 3/4th of the locos had sound really adding to the atmosphere - you could almost smell the coal burning. George
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    Model Railroad Videos

    Great videos. I like the camera location - down where a rail fan would be, not up in a helicopter. George
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    Stewart Hobbies F7's

    I have two steam Soundtraxx systems and two BLI steam locos and there's no adjustment for the load on these. It sounds like a feature that should be introduced in future models. George
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    Stewart Hobbies F7's

    I guess you have to hear one and then make your decision about it being worth it or not. To me diesel sound is nice, however for steam it's mandatory. Once you run a steam loco with sound you're hooked. By the way the Tsunami (I agree about the choice of a name) isn't out yet. It's been...
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    Stewart Hobbies F7's

    I bought them from Tony's Train Exchange with a Soundtraxx decoder and speaker in the dummy B unit. I added a brass drawbar between the A and B units since they're wired together. I built a special box to hold them. They sound good. When I run them at the club the volume is OK, but when...
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    Stewart Hobbies F7's

    I talked to the Stewart folks at Timonium about the time they were bringing out the new versions and they said they were designed to run with the older Kato locos. I have both, but the new ones have DCC, so I don't run them together. I love them - they really run sweet. Detail...
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    Stone Walls

    Thanks, Nate. I liked your first link. There are some other scenery ideas besides the walls in those photos. George
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    Stone Walls

    In case you are forced into carving your own - I made a small wall using blocks carved from a strip of styrene. It's not as time consuming as it might appear. The size of the blocks are based on the size of the piece of styrene you use. Here's a picture of the carved blocks and a picture of...
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    Rusty Rouster

    Another good looking model Paul. I'm also curious to learn if it's powered. George
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    This weekend's work

    Willis, you're right, they look empty. I just need to find the motivation to pop the shell and do it. I'll also paint the motor flat black when I'm back in there. George
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    Mini scenes

    Shamus. Beautiful work, as usual. What did you use to make the blocks in the stone wall? George
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    Virginia Open House

    Our club, the Chesapeake Bay Railroaders, is having it's fall open house this Saturday from 10 - 4. We're located in Grafton Virginia, on route 17 between Yorktown and Newport News. We have a large two level HO layout with a mainline that's 16 miles long. Admission is free. There's a map...

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