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    New track plan?

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've been here. I have since made a few changes to my track plan. Here is my first track plan post. My first track plan in this post involves the use of 32" mainline for my passenger service. Then the major difference with the next one involves an...
  2. Z

    My first layout! part 2

    This is my second post of my layout. Please give me some hints and tips to make it a better layout overall! This is an HO Illinois Central freelance layout in the 40's and 50's. Here are a couple things you should know first! 1. The aisle widths are fine. I know this because I already have...
  3. Z

    paint/seal plywood & foam?

    I'm getting ready to put the plywood down (1/4") on top of that I plan on putting the 2" pink foam from Home Depot. Do I need to paint or seal either of these or both? Thanks, Aaron
  4. Z

    Building kits

    Never put one together but it looks like I might have to in order to get what I want. I'm looking for 40's and 50's era freight cars (HO scale) for the IC. I've found lots that I like on Ebay but they are mostly kits. I have put models together before like the B17 Memphis Belle and a couple...
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    turnout options

    If I plan on using Atlas snap track (code 83) what would the best turnouts be to use? I would like them controlled by a toggle switch. I don't know if it matters but I plan on buying the Digitrax Zephyr if anyone gets it in stock again. Also my curves are going to be 22" radius if that matters.
  6. Z

    BIG NEWS (for me)

    Hey everyone I'm going to be a dad for the first time in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Found out on Christmas night and was confirmed yesterday!!!!:D :eek: :confused: :D :confused: :eek:
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    My first track plan

    Well here it is my first layout attempt using Atlas' RTS 7.0. Tell me what you think I need all the help I can get with this. blue- wall (can't be moved) brown - the benchwork, might have to make some adjustments to it near the two ends but that's not a problem. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Z


    How important are they on a scale of 1-5 5 being must have? And how many/often do you use them yourself? Also, are there any certain turnouts I should NOT use with my Spectrum 4-8-2 heavy? Thanks
  9. Z

    just some minor thoughts/questions

    In order for me to have a half circle at the end of my shelf layout how wide does the layout have to be? I plan on using 22" curves. This is my thinking... the half circle is going to be 44" in width, plus an inch or two just for safety for the trains = at least a width of 48" right?? But my...
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    buying track

    How did you guys go about buying track for the first time? Did you or were you able to buy in bulk or did you just have to buy each individual piece? I know Atlas for example has track plans you can buy but how do I know what the radius is on the turns? I can't tell just by looking at a...
  11. Z

    odd request?

    Is there any way or place I can print out photos of full sized track pieces?
  12. Z

    A slight update to my progress

    Hey everyone! Just wanted everyone to know I haven't given up on my start at MR. I found a LHS that carries tons of stuff (even though I'll do most of my buying online) but it's nice to know there's hands on help nearby. I also found two clubs nearby (each one is an hour away if that's...
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    zephyr function question

    I was reading the DCC article in the December Model Railroader and noticed it says that for the Zephyr it has 10 functions and 'partially' supports sound decoders (12 functions). It also says Zephyr does not feature route control. Just curious as to what all this means. Thanks!
  14. Z

    sound question

    New guy here again... I was wondering how exactly does sound in the engines work. Do you buy a decoder that comes with a speaker? Is the speaker sold seperatly? Does Digitrax Zephyr put the sounds out or does the sound come from something else? Or do you have to put a 'chipset' in the engine...
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    questions from a new guy..

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to get into model trains for a while now. Only now do I think I can actually start moving forward. For the past 4 days I've been online trying to do as much research as possible (the human body does need sleep afterall):confused: I'm not 100% sure as to what...

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