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    Prototype question

    Hello All, Does anyone know the purpose of the piece of metal that surrounds the front coupler on an ES44AC or similar? Would it be a cow catcher? Snow plow, rock deflector. This seemed like a good place to ask a general question. Thanks
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    Sharing track voltage

    Hello, I have 12 volts running through my track and used extension track feeder to power a ds64. I also tested a string of leds that I will use to light every house on the block, my question is how long can I keep sharing track power before I need another source such as a booster? And is that...
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    N scale autos

    Hi All, I notice the n scale vehicles that are offered seem to be mostly foreign, does that mean they might be a different n scale? I know it varies with trains. Maybe I should search for 1/160 th instead of n? Thanks
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    First dcc w/ sound

    Hello, I'm going to have my first dcc w/ sound engine pretty soon (Bachmann Alco 2-6-0) and was wondering, exactly how loud is this thing? And in the event I annoy people in the next room can I just put a piece of painter's tape over the speaker? I'm assuming there's no volume control. Thanks
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    Truck question.

    Hi Everybody, I'm having what I think is a problem with kadee trucks, I'm new and in the process of making my train set a little longer ( I'd like to see more than 2 cars) I picked up an athearn but it wouldn't couple to my bachmann's, that was no big deal except couplers don't all attach the...
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    Prototype watching.

    Hi Everybody, Is it possible to do find out the when and where of freight train schedules? I read something about radios somewhere. Thanks, Greg
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    Is this normal?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if it's normal for some locomotives to be a little louder than others. To narrow it down they are two bachmann ho scale and brand new, one is the emd ft-a and is just about silent and the other is the emd gp40, gp 40 is the loud one. I ran it without the shell and...
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    HO wipers blades / arms

    Maybe I should have masked the windows but that's okay, i didn't plan on an interior anyway. [ ​ ]
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    Doc track wiring question from a newb.

    I've done a fair amount of searching with no luck, now I'll just ask. For dcc is it as simple as soldering one wire to one rail and the other to the other? Unless there's turnouts. It doesn't make sense to me right now. It's an electric motor, there's two wires, one plug that can go into the...
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Hello All, Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a fan of trains my whole life I guess you could say, growing up in No. Jersey, specifically Newark. We couldn't walk more than a couple blocks without crossing tracks. And with that there's walking on tracks, hanging out on them. I've always...

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