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    Z scale Switcher locomotive

    looking for z scale diesel Switcher not Marklen need compatible with Micro train
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    Height in inches

    Need to see if I can use some N scale in place of Z scale. In inches what is the z scale height of a 6 foot person, a tall pine tree, and telephone poles. this will be a lot of help to see if N scale items are too large to use.
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    N scale with Z scale Mixed

    I am building a Z scale layout....I have the trains and track, but I am having a very difficult time finding Z scale structures. How "BAD" would substituting N scale items on a layout running Z scale trains? Thanks for all honest opinions.
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    I have been able to get good z scale trains, track, power items, BUT BUT finding z scale SCENERY for a "Country" layout is "horribly" hard!!!!!!! Much harder than finding N or HO items . Question number one: Substituting N items for Z is a "NO NO"?? or "ohhh k?" Now some specifics: **Looking for...
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    Prebuilt bench work

    Any opinion of "Modelrailroadbenchwork"? And what material: plywood, foam, etc. for the top?
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    Wanting to buy z scale items: red pickup truck, boy with fishing pole, dog, telephone poles, fence, farmhouse, barn, cornfield, cotton field, wheat field, trees, items for a country not a city layout.
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    Connecting Marklin & Micro Trains

    Looking for some z scale cars with micro-train couplers on one end and marklin couplers on the other end.
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    The very best way

    What is the very best way to insulate a section of Rokuhan Z scale track for block control? a plastic connector?
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    Z Scale Track Radius

    The Micro Trains z scale Amtrak commuter set has 2 wheels trucks, BUT 83" passenger cars........what radius track would it run on without a lot of overhang? Max passenger car width that can run on Rokuhan R220 or R195 curves?
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    Z SCALE Amtrak passenger set

    The Micro Trains z scale Amtrak commuter set has 2 wheels trucks, BUT 83" passenger cars........what radius track would it run on without a lot of overhang? Is there a z scale Amtrak locomotive and passenger cars that will run on Rokuhan R220 or R195 curves? If not can you make one? :):):)
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    FLAT 3D....Serious Post

    I posted "Flat 3D" and nobody took it seriously. I am attaching a picture. No, I'm not wanting a child toy train board like the attached picture. No, I don't want cartoon pictures. BUT this is the idea for the layout top, BUT with real photograph scenery or professionally painted realistic...
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    Flat 3D

    Paint with thick paint on a flat sheet(linoleum?) in Z scale the scenery: ground, roads, trees, buildings, track look like a photograph....then glue this onto the top of the platform, and then lay the track. Has anyone ever done something like this? Painting should be done by...
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    Looking fer a Z scale Switcher locomotive.

    Looking for a small z scale Switcher locomotive. Prefer Micro Train. NOT Marklin.
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    Need Z SCALE items

    Z SCALE: Looking for items for a very country layout: country road, barn, a lot of trees, cornfield, cotton field, telephone poles, fence, boy and dog.
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    Looking for these z scale items

    Z SCALE: cornfield, cotton field, telephone poles, fence, boy and dog, large amount of trees, barn, country road......all for a very country layout.
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    Rokuhan Z Compatible

    On the Rokuhan Z Layout Track plan: the straight track is marked L110 and L220, but the actual straight track in the set is marked R001. The turnouts on the layout plan are marked L110 and L220, but the actual track is labelled R039 & R040. Are these compatible/ the same? Also I have a MRC...
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    Alamance County, NC

    Would like to connect with anyone with Z Scale Model Railroad interest in the Alamance County/Triad Area, North Carolina. Currently, planning and buying some Z scale items, & planning to start construction Summer 2021 "if possible then."
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    Z scale running vehicles

    I just saw a video of Z scale cars running on a highway; there was no information where to buy this or how to make this. I would love to have a cars & trucks running on a road on the layout that I am building. I think it works with magnetic tape in the roadbed and battery powered vehicles, but...
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    Should you tell your wife......?

    Should you tell your wife that you are planning to build a model train layout? :) :) Seriously.
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    Fastening Scale Track to Layout

    What is the best way to fasten Rokuhan Z Scale track to the layout? Also....what about a pull out shelf under the layout or just on top of the layout for the power packs and other controls?

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