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    DCC Wiring Question

    The first reason that I could think of to not use solid wire, would be because of skin effect. But, the DCC signal, wouldn't be at a high enough frequency for skin effect to occur.
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    There's a prototype for everything - using an old grain car to load trucks

    Back when I used to farm, there were a couple of guys that bought old railroad cars, buried them in the ground, and used them as grain dump pits.
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    What Heat Shrinking Tube Should I Use? And about soldering.

    Here is the heat gun I use: While it doesn't show it, there is a reflector that goes on the end of the heat gun, that causes the heat to envelop the heat shrink tubing. Works really well.
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    Prototype ops question

    You could also have hopper cars go out out with broken cookies.
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    Water Slide Decals:

    I have used Precision Design Company, Billy does great work, for a reasonable price.
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    Absolutely, I was fortunate to never had done it, but a few of my fellow engineers did, not pretty. Packed snow/ice in the crossing was the most common cause.
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    ?? dcc system N scale with Ho scale ??

    Let's start with the second question first, yes. To answer your first question, maybe, with compromises, it really depends on how you do it. If you are going to use just one command station, then the max voltage applied to the tracks, will be whatever the max voltage is that N scale takes...
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    Installing a New Decoder in a Bachmann GE 70 Ton Locomotive

    Just a suggestion, might want to try a Decoder Buddy, I find they really help to keep a clean/easy installation.
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    Florescent bulb type

    I wouldn't use blue LED's, as they can be damaging to eyes.
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    I'm sure you've answered this question before, but what do you have for a drone?
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    ESu Cab Control

    I didn't want to hijack D&J's power pole connectors thread, so I'm starting this one. I have had a Digitrax system since the late 90's. I was ready to try something else, and based on some recommendations I purchased the ESu cab control. Nice little box, has Ethernet connection for the computer...
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    3-D Printers

    Take a look at the Prusa brand of printers, very good resolution for a filament printer, and options can be added later. Resin will give better detail, but there are other issues.
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    I have the iPhone digitrax app, looks very similar, be a lot cheaper then buying a whole new system.
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    You might also consider adding the Digitrax LNWI wireless interface module. This would allow you to use a smart phone or a tablet to run your trains. The Interface used on the smart phone/tablet seem to be more user friendly.
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    DCC help please...?

    If it does indeed have a decoder in it, and it is a sound decoder, and the zephyr is having troubles programming it, it would be a lot cheaper, to purchase the Soundtraxx PTB-100 programming booster. Then you can program any sound decoder, including Broadway Limited.
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    What are today's livestock/cattle cars?

    The last livestock load out facility on the UP, was located at Duncan NE. I haven't been that way in about 15 years, but at that time there was still some remnants of the pens, and the load out chute.
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    MRC AD310 Decoders

    Your MRC decoders should work with any command station, but newer decoders, especially non-MRC decoders, would have more features. For non-sound, Digitrax, ESU, NCE, TCS, and Zimo, all make excellent non-sound decoders. For sound ESU, TCS, Soundtraxx, and Zimo would be at the top of my list...
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    Using a PLC to control

    Yes it can be done, can it be done to your satisfaction, that is a whole different story. Some things to think about, the analog voltage output of the PLC, will not have enough current output to actually run the trains directly. Most PLC's use 24VDC for the digital input signal, where as model...
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    Setting Up ESU System

    I'm curious as to why you chose the ECoS vs the CabControl?

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