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    I think I'm finaly ready for DCC

    Well after reading and reading on the basics of DCC and the 5 main components But I would like to tackle this from a different way. I would like to go computer for the command station and there lies the problem. I do not know what the best program would be. I would like it to be compatible...
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    HO scale animated police cars

    I keep seeing these cars on peoples HO scale layouts on youtube but cant find them for purchase anyone happen to know where to get them?
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    track laying help

    Not to sure where to put this but here goes. When I was younger I had a decent sized layout But died off quickly due to my ignorance on how to lay track I never had books on the subject and at that time no internet.. What used to happen is no matter what I did I could not keep the cars...
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    Want to start but not sure if I should

    I would like to start my HO back up but I have one problem. I have one room that I can build one in but eventually I would like to add a room to the house dedicated to my HO's and am worried about moving the one I might setup now. Any opinions?
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    Good sites to find what I need?

    I'm looking for a decent online place to order integrated circuits many things like 555 timers, op amps, AND gates, nor gates, binary counters, decade counters, so on and so forth (you get the picture).. Thanks in advance, Dom
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    is this possible with DCC?

    Well I haven't actually bought anything yet still learning it all first But would it be possible using a DCC system to have lets say a freight train running at a certain speed slow down when coming upon a street/track crossing then speeding back up once the crossing gates have come fully down?
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    need railroad crossing this time

    been doing some searches in Google but coming up short I'm looking for a nice automated rail/street crossing. DO they even make a crossing that the arms go down by motor instead of pressure plate?
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    Traffic lights

    Anyone know where I could find a nice looking set of Traffic lights preferably with LED lights also (don't know if these are possible) but I'd like the light to have a hanging one and one down the side of the same pole that the hanging one is on thanks
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    Small layout future upgrade

    Well I'm getting back into the hobby. My wife and I just bought a house and have an extra room (for the time being) it's about 12' by 11' I am thinking of a decent size layout just to keep me occupied But in a few years I will be building a room onto the house just for the model RR new room...
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    what is DCC

    Ok I know many must be laughing at me but I had an HO setup in my parents basement I was about 14 we moved to a new house had no where to set them back up.. Now I'm 26 married and have a daughter I would love to set them back up for her and obviously for myself ;) and been seeing something...

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