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    Let's get LOADED!!!.....

    Nice load and I checked out their other loads available on the site, pretty neat stuff. I like your 'sweep' as well!
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    Alright. I know I said the project was finished but I've had some spare time in the last couple weeks and managed to do the scenery around the station. I first cut the roadbed up the ties and installed a 1/4" piece of hardboard to bring the station and water tower up to track level. I painted...
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    I worked with MEK for 10 years in aviation . I can't use it anymore, the fumes give me headaches
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    Instructions missing — windmill

    I'd avoid using the base provided except for lining up the walls and windmill structures. The unrealistic plastic is difficult to disguise when you later install the building on your layout.
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    I'll second Mike's recommendation. I have some plastic structures on my layout that I built with testors liquid glue 20 years ago that won't come apart, even if I want them to!
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    Interaction Hobbies Industrial Dust extactor Kit

    I sprayed some dirt on the lower parts of the kit. I think it's good and weathered now. I have thought of building a roof over the machinery to shelter it from the elements.
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    Interaction Hobbies Industrial Dust extactor Kit

    I just finished this neat little kit: [/URL] [/URL] It's an easy little kit, take a couple hours to build. The hardest part is the painting. The lettering it engraved so I painted the entire model in white, then dry-brushed the green over the lettering. [/URL] The only thing I changed on...
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    BN baggage car

    On my athearn passenger cars I swapped the original glass for thinner clear styrene. It looks better in my opinion.
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    Okay I'm calling this project finished, except for the castings. I drybrushed creamacoat mudstone onto the roof to 'grey' it a bit. The station is on the layout where it will go, but not in it's final position. [/URL] The area it is going in has to be raised about 1/4". and the roadbed by the...
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    Thanks Carey, I'm thinking of weathering the roof just a bit more with some grays. In the meantime I added the chimney and started to build the street side platform As it turns out because I shortened the trackside platform I had enough material to build this one. I flipped the plan the...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    I just finished these two off. Both from Stoney Mountain Classic Castings 1950 Chev/GMC Panel truck 1952 Ford Woody wagon It wasn't difficult to paint them, masking the windows was the hardest part!
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    Sorry it's taken so long to post an update. I got sidetracked on projects for other modelers and I couldn't get back to the model until now. I have colored the roof: The instructions say to paint the roof black. I suppose back in it's original location of Quebec they would have used black...
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    Vintage Travel trailer Kit

    I just finished building four of these kits from Inter-Action enterprises Two I got for myself and the other two I built for a couple fellow modelers. They're a laser-cut craftsman kit but they're pretty easy to build. I figure it would take the average modeler about and hour to build one...
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    US Postage

    I sent two packages a couple months ago. One went to South Africa, the other to Australia. It took the Australian package 2 months to arrive, the South African 2 1/2 months. Both wanted the cheapest (surface) shipping. The South African ended up sending me negative feedback (ebay), thinking that...
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    If you won the lottery...

    That's a great video. If I won the lottery the steam train a few towns over would get a donation for their loco restoration (easier than trying to own one yourself) I'd buy a house with a decent basement for the layout, a new Chev duramax and 5th wheel trailer for road trips (railfanning) and...
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    Train shed

    Good for you. I managed to get my hands on the Superior baking Company building (A derivative of your engine house) last year. The brick detail is excellent, especially if you consider the kit was designed in the 50-60's.
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    Train shed

    If that fails a similar kit would be either Walthers two stall engine house or the Heljan model (both the same)
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    I finally finished shingling the roof last night. I'd add shingles to one section, wait for the glue to dry, then trim the ends and start on the next section. by recycling the trimmed shingle strips I just managed to have enough shingles to do the roof. I added the caps to the peaks and...
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    This is the first 'seriously old-school' craftsman kit that I have built. (unless you count my sawmill) any other craftsman kits have been the laser-cut variety and require a lot less work. I'm thinking of starting Juneco's 250 ton icehouse kit soon, after I've completed a few smaller projects...
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    Juneco CN Cartierville station

    Thanks Ron, that's good to know. I was originally going to use Campbell's profile shingles on the station but then I realized that I wouldn't have enough to cover. I think the Juneco shingles will look okay when I get them painted and weathered a bit.

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