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  1. Russian

    Coupler box change out

    I keep hearing of people changing their coupler types, but am myselkf unable to do it. All I want to do is open the coupler box and chang the coupler types from type A to B. Yet to coupler box doesn't seem openable... What's your technique? Please help!
  2. Russian

    Ebay Easy shipping from Canada

    Thought this might be usefull to some of our members. Canada Post shipping services now available directly from eBay Canada and PayPal websites Canadian eBay users can now create, purchase and print Canada Post shipping labels directly from their computer Ottawa - Canada Post today...
  3. Russian

    Athearn HO 40'/50' Flat kits

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has bought these kits and knows if the sticks are optional on the platforms. I like the platform itself very much, but not the sticks. So can they be removed from the platform? Without the sticks: With...
  4. Russian

    Coupler changing

    Hello, I'm having some problems changing a number of couplers, because I cannot open the "box" in which the old coupler is set. I can open such a box on my Walthers engine because it has a screw, but the same box on an Athearn has no screws. Your help would be appreciated in this. I've...
  5. Russian

    Wpf 16-12-05

    Hope you don't mind me staring this weeks seccion! Now that evil exams are over, Winter break finally begans which means I can get back to modeling! Not much to do outside anyway... It appears that about 1/2 of my rolling stock needs some kind of work done on it, so I started by assembling a...
  6. Russian

    Food for thought

    I had a link to this article e-mailed to me. Just thought I would share it, as its an intersting read.
  7. Russian

    Diamond in the rough - kitbasing/spare parts...

    Hello, being fairly new to modeling, I was wonderin what you guys do in such situations. About a month ago I bought an "old" (1947) CN open ballast hopper with a load for $5. (along with 4 other somewhat similar hoppers of different Roads, loads, heritages...). The car appears to be Athearn...
  8. Russian

    Are you ready for the winter?

    Is your layout ready for the winter? I made sure mine was by purchasing a rotary. The guy selling it had 3 un-assembled kits of the CN version!:D I've somewhat heard of it before, so was intersted at taking a closer look when I saw it. The seller then told me the rotar spins and I was hooked...
  9. Russian

    VIA Passenger sevice is coming!

    Hello, not sure if I should post this here or anywhere for that matter, but I thought it was worth sharing... My Railway town has been lobbying VIA Rail for some time now to provide passenger service. When they refused the first time it made sence, as we only had the tracks on the ground...
  10. Russian

    Looking for loads...

    Hello, while there's a wide variety of loads out there, I cannot find onesthat I'm looking for. Specifically for a: 50' IHC gondola the middle), says 52' on it, while its more like 48-49' length comparedto my 50' boxcar fleet 40' Model Power open 4bay...
  11. Russian

    Overheating/track shortages?

    Hello, today I finally run my layout with more then two units. After its been running for an hour or so with three units, for some reason the power fails. No matter what I do then, the rails don't supply any power. After some time passes, the track is workable again. I first thought I was...
  12. Russian

    The paint thread

    Hello, I now have two undecorated models and was thinking of painting them. I've found a couple great threads on paint here on the forums, but they confuse me more then anything. 1. Should I paint with an airbrush or by hand? I plan on only painting rolling stock. 2. Could I buy paint at...
  13. Russian

    Modelling Magazine?

    Would any of you recomment a good magazine for HO scale? What kind of stuff would it include? I'm curently subscribed to a "traditional RR magazine", which includes news, stories/articles, consist descriptions, roster updates, etc, etc. But what kind of stuff is published in model RR magazines?:D
  14. Russian

    Russian's layout

    Today I finally assembled it. Not much there exept the rails now, still have some rough spots to fix, but its prety much operational. Was very fun running trains on it today. Now I know how you guys feel! Some photos... #1 The layout as it is. If you look carefully you'll see that there's a...
  15. Russian

    Operating 2 axle power (critters)

    Hello, NMRA staes: I was wondering if anyone has owned a 2axle in the past and had experienced any problems with it? I's asking because I wantred to loosely model a 50year old 2axle GE critter that operated outside my home back in Winnipeg. Here are...
  16. Russian

    Repainting a caboose

    After giving it some though, I think a good starter project for a newcomer like me would be a caboose repaint. I was thinking of repainting by BN caboose into a CP MOW caboose, which looks sort of like this: (notice the same roof) plus boarded up...
  17. Russian

    Help a new guy starting out

    Hello, some of you may know me as the crazy guy posting lots of pictures from Winnipeg on RRF. Throughout my life I've always been interested in trains, whether riding them, playing with Thomas trains when I was a kid, repainting for MSTS, Lego trains or photography, which is what I've been...
  18. Russian

    Future commuter car?

    Don't know why I made this, just thought it'll be cool to make a future looking car, with a bunch of windows and attach it to a my critter. Basically a passenger version of a 50' high-cube boxcar. It's all glass exept for the floor and you're supose to enter through the roof, which open up. So...
  19. Russian

    Lego 2 axle switcher

    My latest project. Planning to build a layout and use him for switching. Go ahead, feel free to critique. :) PS. I made it to this forum!

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