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  1. grove den

    small Steelmill European style

    here is a link of someone who makes a HO steelmill all by himself allmost nothing is "right out the box/package ..mostly everything is "changed" to fit in the space he has for this beautiful steelmill "under construction". The homepage is in German...
  2. grove den

    static clump of grass- home made!

    Found something very interesting: It isin German language but the pictures telling more than 1000 words( :) lucky me! ) The guy is a master in landscaping in N scale! Jos
  3. grove den

    only for the "happy few"?

    watch/read the following ... a w e s o m e ! Jos ps: not only in scale O ...
  4. grove den

    "Recycled" farm (renaissance of cardboard?)

    recycling materials ....a farm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspirated by the many "Paper"buildings made by today overhere I decided to do the same. Not realy paper but cardboard(?)= about 1mm thick paper. This kind of very strong...
  5. grove den

    Is it real or is it real?

    You must have seen this beautiful detailed( German) passenger stationbuildingerea.. there are sooo many details..the preisermen are allre-painted and "weathered"! so are the automobiles and the bicycles and and and... this module meashures: 3 feet 4 inches...
  6. grove den

    MRR meeting: EUROSPOOR 2007

    With our Nscale groupe we were part of the meeting at Eurospoor. We showed our Nscale modulelayout and it was( almost) a succesful weekend( amost because we had some problems with the PC...) Made some pictures from our own layout...and of course also some from other scales..OO HO and O..... Jos
  7. grove den

    WPF 19 20 21 October

    Showtime again for everyone!! here is my contribution...part I
  8. grove den

    attention: stolen modeltrains HO

    Don't know if this is the right place but I read on an European( german) forum about the theft of 2 very very expensive modeltrains in scale HO The 2 trains are USA types: a steam engine and a gasturbine engine ..I post this message because it is possible that the thiefs will try to sell on...
  9. grove den

    how to move an old railwaystation(building)

    Just have a look overhere...: when I saw that I was getting very tire(d):D (1000!!) Jos
  10. grove den

    more details on our N scale module:"Maasbrug"

    Last weekend Photo Fun I showed some pictures of the "update"of one of our old modules of the bridge over the river "Maas". (real bridge is about 20 miles from me) Yesterday I ad some trees shrubs and other details... The module itself( actualy all our N modules) is situated in the 1970-ies...
  11. grove den

    It has begun..... again!!?

    KenNZRMac: It has begun..... again!!? So Ken here the drawing I've told you about I would draw for you so you have an impression of the mine buildings over the main track and the track that leads to the stagingyard... Jos
  12. grove den

    updating my "old" N scale layout

    It is a brand new year so new fresh ideas about the updating/rebuilding my N scale layout( 4 X 3 feet/90 X 125 cm) First I show you the trackplan incl. the surrounding arreas. I have planned everything very carefully because: # I had the time to do that:rolleyes: # I had no place to built...
  13. grove den

    Ends November Photo fun

    Here is my very small contribution to this thread...It is 6inchesx 4 1/2inches scale N I made this "diorama" because some relatives were/ARE married 50 years and for 3 months they sold their site caravan after 25 years because it was to much work for them to upkeep it... They have a lot...
  14. grove den

    Dutch super modelrailwaylayout

    For those who are interrested in big layouts and how they built them here 's an example of one of them in the Netherlands( Rotterdam.) It's called "Railzminiworld", website: There is a translation in the english language....( no dunglish:D SP SD9!!) Watch the...
  15. grove den

    How to Make Trees and Shrubs

    First attempt:How to How to make shrubs I am aware of the fact that this may be the 20st version of how to make shrubs.I'll start with this item because I can do some experiences for the "bigger"item:How to make pine/decudious trees. Ingrdients:Fibres from filters they use in...

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