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  1. IAinterState

    Wow, I guess it's been longer than I thought since I'd last been on here. Sorry about that. I...

    Wow, I guess it's been longer than I thought since I'd last been on here. Sorry about that. I was without a computer for a while and then just been busy at work. Progress was slow over the winter. The bench work is all up, but then I spent a lot of time drawing layouts. With limited room and...
  2. IAinterState

    Converting DC engines to DCC?

    I looked around a bit and have decided I might be able to save myself some time. Can anyone direct me to a link or site that shows how to install decoders to my old DC trains to convert them to DCC? I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks guys!
  3. IAinterState

    Veteran's Roll Call: All that served or serving our countries

    USAF 1987-91 Full tour at K.I. Sawyer AFB, Michigan after basic and Fire Fighter training at Chanute AFB, Illinois. Extended six extra months for base support duty because Desert Storm kicked off about 5 weeks before I was due to get out. I salute all of my fellow veterans here and everywhere...
  4. IAinterState

    Hey JimmyG, good to 'meet' you. Actually, my son and I are freelancers, but we include a fair...

    Hey JimmyG, good to 'meet' you. Actually, my son and I are freelancers, but we include a fair share of Rock Island, which is who ran the 500 miles Interstate now runs. We railfan Interstate quite a bit. I drive by their Council Bluffs yard everyday commuting from Walnut and have been planning on...
  5. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    That's why I like to spend it on train stuff made in North America!:cool:
  6. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    HERE!HERE! BRAVO!!! The truth be known! :D:D:D
  7. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    If not stickers, then have it painted on the packaging with the logo. If walmart didn't exist and there is a demand for your product, it will still sell. Other stores would stock it and I assume already do. I would do whatever it takes to pitch the Made in America concept because in my mind, the...
  8. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    My son went to public school for kindergarten and 1st grade. We(my wife and I) were not impressed with it at all and neither was he. At the end 1st grade he came to us and asked to be home schooled. We prepared and have a certified teachers assistant come in every other week to check progress...
  9. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    I could live without a Wal-mart. I'm sure a lot of folks could. I'm sure other business owners would like it. And with on-line purchasing, Wal-mart has nothing I can't get somewhere else and usually find higher quality else where. In fact, there's plenty of times that they don't even have what I...
  10. IAinterState

    Where do you get project ideas?

    Thank you. I wanted to counter the 'green' concept, but didn't know how without stirring up a frowned upon political debate. This may (or may not) make me unpopular, but green is a color, not a lifestyle.
  11. IAinterState

    Mining site

    More mining and other useful stuff Another site with a ton of info and drawings found in my search for mining sites. Looks to have depots, roundhouses, yard layouts, etc. Should keep me busy for a while and figured I would share.:)
  12. IAinterState

    Where do you get project ideas?

    While ideas come from everywhere, the search is constant for inspiration. At a show last year I bought a box of old Model Railroader magazines from the late 60's and early 70's, including complete years of 1967-68. These are great to read to see where the hobby has been and come from. The...
  13. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    Researching a little more. All of Branchline is made in Connecticut. :)
  14. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    And OT there at time and a half would be what? 75 cents an hour. But back to trains. If any one discovers any US/Canadian products for the layout, please continue to post them here.
  15. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    People?! I believe the PC term is "consumers".
  16. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    That's almost funny. It's usually the other way, 'assembled in America using foreign parts'. Not train related, but I have a 'Proud to be American' t-shirt that was made in Mexico.
  17. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    That's actually why I asked. I bought an Athearn box car kit thinking they were still made in CA, but found the Made in China when I got home. If I had the know-how, time and if it was affordable, I'd mold my own cars and just buy couplers and trucks. But that's just another dream.
  18. IAinterState

    Made in America?

    A curiosity question. Are there any models (engines or rolling stock) made here or Canada anymore? I asked Walthers, but they weren't very forthcoming with an answer. I think AccuRail rolling stock are. Can anyone confirm or know of any others?
  19. IAinterState

    Little Rock & Western

    Other old Rock Island line. Very Cool! I'm a rail fan of the Iowa Interstate RR that also runs on old Rock Island line. I don't have any video but I can share a photo and a map of the line. Thank you for the video!
  20. IAinterState

    Local Hobby Shop Versus Internet

    Excellent idea! Maybe not all stores would take the feedback well, but I think many would welcome it and try to do what they could to keep their customers and attract new ones. Also I think it's important to keep the hobby growing. The Worlds Greatest Hobby program and swap meets/train shows are...

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