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  1. D&J RailRoad

    Tracks Through Tucumcari, NM

    I'm on another motorcycle road trip and decided to stop for the night in Tucumcari, NM, right off of I-40. I saw on my smart phone map there were tracks running along the north side of town, must be the BNSF that runs all the way to Barstow, CA. Checked into a flea bag motel, went got some...
  2. D&J RailRoad

    Another Op Session Tomorrow

    I didn't think I would get much response but last week I put out a message that I would conduct an op session on the D&J Railroad if I got enough responses. There were enough, so the past few days I've been putting together trains and way bills to keep the operators busy for about 6 hours...
  3. D&J RailRoad

    Module Show This Weekend

    I started building a large module system over a year ago but haven't been able to display them due to the COVID lockdowns. We have a show coming up this weekend, 7&8 Aug in Fredericksburg, VA and this will be the first running of them with the whole module club. The system consists of 56 feet of...
  4. D&J RailRoad

    San Diego MRR Museum

    While I'm out cruising the country, I wanted to stop in to see the MRR tomorrow, Thursday. Turns out they're only open on Fri, Sat and Sun. I'll have to book an additional day in Barstow to go there on Friday. I'm traveling on the Goldwing so I don't want to leave it unattended in the museum...
  5. D&J RailRoad

    Funaro & Camerlengo Well Hole Flat Car

    I found this on ebay. Thought it might be an interesting item to add to my rolling stock roster. It requires some patience and precision tools to make it look good. Some under body detail, the ladders and brake lines need to be trimmed from the molding splash and applied. Ahhh, I just...
  6. D&J RailRoad

    Yeow, COVID

    Just getting back on my feet now. I was diagnosed with the COVID back on 27 April. Went downhill from there figuring I could tough it out at home here. Living by myself at age 72 I had nobody to say, "Hey, you're in trouble". Despite being in exceptional physical condition, I was in serious...
  7. D&J RailRoad

    Preparing for an Operating Session

    Just a couple hours away from the start of another COVID daring op session on the D&J Railroad. I made the decision a couple weeks ago to do this, a little out of step from the previous op sessions over the winter. Seems to be getting easier each time. As the railroad has been running just fine...
  8. D&J RailRoad

    Wyoming Division Model Railroad Update - Video in three parts

    I taped the last Wyoming Division Model Railroad in 2019. I was able to get access to the railroad this past December for an exclusive taping of it in more of a tour setting without operators in the way. This is a three part video with a clickable link at the end of each segment.
  9. D&J RailRoad

    Slow Mail

    I've had a couple items that were shipped as 1-3 day priority take about 3 weeks to be delivered here by the USPS. The package tracking page will show that it's in transit. Yeah, ok but its been in transit just 80 miles up the road from me for 10 days so far. Are ya using pack mules? Talking...
  10. D&J RailRoad

    Long Intermodal with DPU - Video

    I hosted an Op session of the D&J Railroad today. After all the freight was delivered, the layout was released for free running. An intermodal was put together with about half the available intermodal cars. 4 locos were MUd together, 2 on the front and 2 mid train then run across the empire.
  11. D&J RailRoad

    Postal Service Slow Down

    I ordered and paid for a product over a week ago and the only shipping available was 2 day service. The item should have been here last Wednesday according to the USPS tracking statement. Tracking showed the package moved from the hobby shop to the postal center nearby and has sat there since...
  12. D&J RailRoad

    Occasional Polarity Flip

    I have a full basement empire that's divided into three power sections; 1, 2 and 3. Section 2 is powered from the command station, a DCS100. Sections 1 and 3 have their own DB150, each in booster mode. The double track mainline runs through all three power sections. I have a power buss running...
  13. D&J RailRoad

    Rapido Passenger Coach Lighting Wand

    I recently bought a few Rapido passenger coaches that have the interior lighting. Each one came with a "wand" to turn the lights on and off. None of them respond to the wand. Instructions say nothing about installing batteries before use, just that Rapido is the only source of replacement...
  14. D&J RailRoad

    Broadway Limited Decoder Swap - Video

    I recently bought this Broadway Limited EMD E8 set of two As and a B unit. Running them on my layout brought back the forgotten problems of the QSI decoders. Seems that any little glitch in the DCC signal would cause these to stop and reboot then proceed. Pretty aggravating when doing an op...
  15. D&J RailRoad

    Barrett Hill Touch Pad

    I bought this Barrett Hill Touch Pad components at a Timonium train show a couple years ago. They sat on the shelf in my basement since then, taking the back burner to other projects and life events. Finally, yesterday I got ambitious and pulled the parts packages out and began reading the...
  16. D&J RailRoad

    Programming Monitor on the Layout

    Finally got around to mounting the programming monitor into the facia of the layout. When I needed to do programming in the past, had to set the monitor on the track surface. Now, it's attached to the facia with all the cabling running into the benchwork and down to the computer that's under...
  17. D&J RailRoad

    Programming With LokProgrammer and JMRI

    I have one computer for programming the decoders. I have the LokProgrammer for ESU decoders and I use JMRI for all other decoders. I can use the LokProgrammer with no problem but when I switch over to use the JMRI none of the com ports seem to work. The LokProgrammer was working on Com Port 3...
  18. D&J RailRoad

    Standard Turbine on the D&J Railroad - Video

    A standard turbine has joined the Veranda and GTEL turbines on the D&J Railroad. This new unit has an ESU decoder installed and loaded with a project file from the ESU website. I didn't quite get the headlight working right before this video shoot.
  19. D&J RailRoad

    ESU LokProgrammer has become Hard To Find

    The ESU LokProgrammer is out of stock in every store I have checked. Digging into it more, rumor mill says ESU is holding off on exports to the states in anticipation of collapse of the dollar next year. This seems to be in line with other stuff I've heard about ESU and their contempt for the...
  20. D&J RailRoad

    MTH Veranda Turbine - Modified - Video

    I picked up an MTH Veranda turbine a few months ago. It ran fine for a short while then the rear drive truck started binding. I took it apart and found the top cap on the truck gear tower was loose. I reassembled the loco but it still wasn't running right. I messed with it over the period of a...

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