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  1. chessie_system3

    Stewart locomotives

    I have received a pretty decent offer for a Stewart locomotive. I'd say it's an older model as it appears it has an Athearn motor in it. Atleast it looks like one. Anyone have experience with these? Are they good? Are they bad?
  2. chessie_system3

    Old Troller walk around throttles.

    Anyone have any info on these? Mine burned out and if I cant get them repaired then I would like to find a replacement. The Troller throttles I had worked the best for my Proto 2000 locomotives. However I had the TRH-40 model. So any info on these would be great.
  3. chessie_system3

    Proto 2000 GP9 running issues.

    I posted earlier today about the issues with my GP9. Now I run just standard DC on my layout. It was running fine then just lost all power and went into a limp mode. At half throttle my locomotive just shudders in both directions. I know it's not a track issue as my other locomotives run fine. I...
  4. chessie_system3

    Varipulse 852B (My take on it.)

    As some members on here know. I recently purchased a Varipulse 852B walk around throttle. I spent a better part of three days working with it. Finding out what I like and dont like. Let me start off by saying Ken Stapleton is on point. I havent had such good customer service. I sent email to him...
  5. chessie_system3

    MU hoses for second generation diesel locomotives.

    I recently purchased MU hoses for one of my locomotives. Now they are labeled pre 1980 but they are a mile too long. Anyone know a more correct size for MU hoses? Disclaimer on this I purchased the Details West MU-295 set.
  6. chessie_system3

    GML Enterprises has went out of business.

    Found out this morning that GML Enterrpises has went out of business. I dont know if this is old news or not. I know it's new to me. I havent seen any mention of it anywhere. However I recieved an email first thing this morning from Marion Lewis that due to health issues they are unable to take...
  7. chessie_system3

    Vintage C&O photos by Chessie System 3

    You know it's been awhile since I've posted any pics. Here's some for yall to enjoy.
  8. chessie_system3

    Atlas code 100 manual snap switch issues.

    I had made mention of this in another part of the forum. I am building my 5th layout currently. I have meticulously laid my track. Tested it and tested it some more. Made sure everything was smooth and I wouldn't have any issues. Now I've had a reoccurring problem from my last layout to this...
  9. chessie_system3

    Where to find Atlas U23B grab iron set.

    Anyone one know where I can find a grab iron set for an Atlas U23B? I tried Atlas already. They don't have any. I tried eBay and couldn't find anything either. Justin
  10. chessie_system3

    Criticism towards fellow model railroaders.

    Was on YouTube on my lunch break and stumbled upon some really hateful comments towards fellow model railroaders from other model railroaders! I don't even know what to say. I guess there's bad apples in every bunch. I feel like we should support each other no matter what we feel about a layout...
  11. chessie_system3

    New year. New layout.

    Started construction on my layout this past weekend. Took roughly 9 1/2 hours to construct the table itself. I had some technical setbacks early on with my battery powered drills. However I received some help from my brother and we got it finished up. Next step will be getting track laid and get...
  12. chessie_system3

    Memorial for Justin's Coal Loop

    This is the memorial for my layout that was taken down this past weekend as it fell apart on me and we'll all attempts to save it failed. I had some good operating sessions on this layout and we'll it was sad to see it go but it was time to leave the sacred sheet behind. I hope y'all enjoy the...
  13. chessie_system3

    My $25 Atlas

    OK so I purchased an older Atlas locomotive this past Friday from good ol eBay for $25. The previous owner has done some work to it as I am also planning on working on it myself to make it more appealing to the eye. As I hope you can see she needs a little work on the paint job however from a...
  14. chessie_system3

    B&O correct handrail color?

    Anyone know the correct handrail color for this unit? Sent from my LGLS675 using Tapatalk
  15. chessie_system3

    Scenic Express trees

    Anyone use Scenic Express trees? Are they any good? I have a bunch of Woodland Scenics trees and I am wondering if Scenic Express is a better upgrade. Justin
  16. chessie_system3

    Athearn BB Chessie U23B

    I purchased an Athearn BB uboat yesterday. I normally look over the uboats from the bluebox era as they aren't prototypical in look for my railroad. I got this for all of 20 bucks so I can't complain. I want to work this model to get it up to standards. I can't for the life of me remember the...
  17. chessie_system3

    Chessie System GP9M

    Anyone have any information on these? Who actually rostered these under the Chessie System? All I can find is Western Maryland GP9Ms. Did anyone else roster any? Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  18. chessie_system3

    Plaster cloth worries

    Ok so I'm working on my mountain and tunnel. I'm using crumpled up newspaper and I notice it has a lot of give to it.....I am extremely worried that the paper will collapse if I go to apply my plaster cloth to it. Anyone have any advice about this? Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  19. chessie_system3

    For C&O diesel fans.

    Anyone got wind of Athearns new RTR GP35s? They are releasing some in C&O paint due out in October. I'll most likely jump on one of those as I already have one in Chessie paint. It seems fitting for me to get one as I am modeling based off the C&O lines in southern West Virginia.
  20. chessie_system3

    New HO scale layout

    For those who haven't seen my layout build yet. I'm building an 8x4 layout that I have started construction on. Here are some pics:

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