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  1. DaveInTheHat

    Reviving old Floquil and its other brands identifying solvents on labels "best way to store" Floquil paints,restoring them with "additives?"

    I made a paint shaker a while ago. It makes mixing any paint that has separated a lot easier.
  2. DaveInTheHat

    Short Train

    It doesn't run. It was a "dummy".
  3. DaveInTheHat

    Short Train

    I made a short train out of some broken up junk.
  4. DaveInTheHat

    Attaching Structure to Diorama Base

    I use clear silicon to attach my structures to foam. Any that squeezes out can be easily removed after it dries. If I ever decide to remove the building I can use lighter fluid (naphtha) to soften the silicon and pull the building off without damage. The one drawback to using silicone is that it...
  5. DaveInTheHat

    A " How to paint this " help request.

    If I was doing it I would paint the white first. Then mask the rings with Bare Metal Foil. Then paint the blue.
  6. DaveInTheHat


    There isn't an inside joke. I just like boats a lot and there aren't many available in HO scale. I might build a model of the SS Minnow in the near future.
  7. DaveInTheHat


    I scratch built an HO scale 15 foot sailboat. Here's a link to some pictures I took while I was building it: Here's a short slide show:
  8. DaveInTheHat

    Looking for B&M yard structure plans

    I was looking around and found this: There seems to be a lot of pictures on line of the B&M Railroad.
  9. DaveInTheHat

    Ernie Hoffnagle's Place

    Thanks for the comments!
  10. DaveInTheHat

    Ernie Hoffnagle's Place

    Ernie Hoffnagle wasn't sure if it was a rock or a maybe a dinosaur bone in his garden. He called in some experts and now it's all a big mystery. Here's a link to all the pictures I took while I was building this diorama...
  11. DaveInTheHat

    Backing for a "Metal" Sign?

    I use the aluminum from disposable pans.
  12. DaveInTheHat

    1929 Ford AA Truck and Belly Tank

    The belly tank wasn't a kit. I used parts from other stuff and did some scratch building.
  13. DaveInTheHat

    1929 Ford AA Truck and Belly Tank

    1:87 scale.
  14. DaveInTheHat


    I was in the sign business for 30+ years. It takes 2 guys and a bucket truck to flip the signs around on the front of the building. You need bucket truck and a crane truck to remove the big sign near the road. Since it's close to the power lines the power would have to be shut off while the...
  15. DaveInTheHat

    Muppet Studebaker

  16. DaveInTheHat


    K.F.C. didn't do well here. Here's pictures I took while I was building this diorama: There's a slideshow on my Facebook page. Hit the "Like" button to keep up with what I'm working on...
  17. DaveInTheHat

    Log House

    I scratch built a log house. I made it using some sticks, plaster, junk mail, tin foil and a few other odds and ends. Here's a link to the pictures I took while I was building this: Here's a link to a slide show on my...
  18. DaveInTheHat

    Stubby Bob

    Ed Wertz (the guy in the hat) and Earl Schmutz are all over the place around here.
  19. DaveInTheHat

    Old Race Cars In An Abandoned Barn

    First I prime with Kilz primer. Then I paint my base a dirt color. Next I cover everything with at least one layer of dirt. Then I'm ready for grass and other stuff.
  20. DaveInTheHat

    1948 Dave-Craft Custom Deluxe Highway Clipper

    I didn't have any pictures. I just made it up as went along.

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