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  1. max diyer

    Walt Disney's Model Railroad

    I didn't know about Walt's MR, until I saw one of these photos. Walt had relatives who worked for the railroad and developed a life-long attraction for railroading. Later on, Walt built this large backyard steam RR. The steamer, tender and several cars are at The Walt Disney Museum in San Fransisco.
  2. max diyer

    LED Blue Light

    A year ago, I converted my layout lighting from fluorescent to LED and really like the bright light. But there's something that's been bugging me. I do the structure painting on my work bench, which has incandescent lighting. When I paint the concrete a close proto color, then move it to the...
  3. max diyer

    If Time and Money Was No Object . . .

    If time and money was no object - what would you do that's related to MRRing or Proto RRing? OK - this is kind of far fetched, but I have thought about it. Personally, I would have a rebuilt proto GE 45-tonner, a few flats and about a mile of track with a couple of sidings. A...
  4. max diyer

    What did you get for Christmas?

    What did you get for Christmas? If possible, please include photos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm having camera problems. Some of the photos aren't very clear. Maybe I should of got a camera for Christmas. ;) The first 5 cars...
  5. max diyer

    Remembering My First Layout

    Back in 1957, my Dad got a Lionel train set. There was no track or transformer, so he bought a Marx transformer, 3-rail track, 4 turnouts with 2 switch panels and a Lionel uncoupler with momentary switch. He took a 4x8 and covered it with fake grass that came in a 3' wide roll. It...
  6. max diyer

    Relocating Stuff On Your Layout

    Other than power and rolling stock, do you move things around on your layout? For instance - Vehicles - Do you move them up and down the road or different locations on the layout? Do you swap out trucks at a loading dock...
  7. max diyer

    Layout Background Sounds

    While you are running operations, doing construction or catching up on maintanence - what are you listening to? Music, watch videos or TV or just listen to the train sounds? I'm getting into the holiday spirit, so I'm listening to Christmas music. I use to watch RR & MRR videos until I attached...
  8. max diyer

    A Tribute Rail Car To Pullman-Standard

    I'm posting this because of my personal interest with Pullman-Standard at Butler, PA. I've lived near the P-S plant all my life and knew a lot of people who worked there. My interest of railroading made P-S one of the high points. The plant is gone now, but I have a lot of memories...
  9. max diyer

    GE & WABCO Merger

    As of Feb. 2019, GE Transoportation and Westinghouse Air Brake have merged. The new name is Wabtec. Headquartered at Wabco's offices in Wilmerding (E. Pittsburgh) PA. The majority of GE locomotive assembly is being moved from Erie, PA to Ft. Worth, TX...
  10. max diyer

    Your Layout After Dark

    How about posting some photos or video from your layout, with the room lights turned down and the layout lights turned up? It can be an arc welder or the entire layout. I'd like to see them all. I'm sure a similar thread has been posted and I looked back in the archives, but lost interest in the...
  11. max diyer

    Incorporating A Jack Post Column In The Layout

    I'm in the preliminary design stage of doubling the size of my layout. No matter which way I position the layout, a round 3" diameter jack post column supporting the house center beam, will be in the way. It will either be right next to or actually inside the perimeter of the layout. I'm looking...
  12. max diyer

    The Legacy of Your Layout

    Years ago, a neighbor had a nice layout and when he passed, it was donated to a church. For some years, the layout was set up in the basement for the Holiday Season and was a great attraction. Everyone would go to see it. I'm sure everyone has thought about the legacy of their layout...
  13. max diyer

    Loading Hopper Cars - Very Interesting

    I'm in the process of building a grain elevator facility. I was searching for more information on loading hopper cars and came upon this animated video. It is very interesting and worth a look. You need Adobe Flash to view it. Click on Demo Movies, then Super SmartLoad.
  14. max diyer

    Saving a B&LE Steamer

    For years, I've been following a interesting story of a Bessemer & Lake Erie 2-10-4 steamer. When B&LE closed their doors at the locomotive & car shops in Greenville, PA, a stored 2-10-4 #643 was bought, with the intention of restoration. From what I understand, it was restored to where it was...
  15. max diyer

    Show Your Work Area

    We all spend a lot of time here. So, whatever you call it: work bench, maintenance area, fix-it table, etc. Post some pictures of where you work on your trains. I actually have 3. The first pic I do the most of my work here. The second, a corner of my layout and if working on something larger...
  16. max diyer

    A Life-long Fascination

    I'd like to share a few stories from my early life. #1 Growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was fascinated with trains. We lived a couple of miles from the Bessemer & Lake Erie. My Dad ordered from the Montgomery Ward or the Sears & Roebuck catalogs and would have to pick up the...
  17. max diyer

    Depressed Center

    Being a big fan of depressed centers, I just finished up a scratch-built HO, except for the lettering. The frame is wood, the floor is 24 gauge sheet metal. The side gussets, tie-down brackets & brake wheel are plastic sheet. The stirrups and grab handles are copper wire. I installed Kadee...
  18. max diyer

    Christmas Presents

    I always enjoyed finding out what everyone got. Well, someone had to ask. So here it is . . . what did you get for Christmas? Maybe some accompanying pics, also? Merry Christmas
  19. max diyer

    Old member, but new poster

    I've been a member since 2005. Today I replied to a couple of threads, my first posts. Have been MRRing for 60 years and I'm on my third layout. The first was O-gauge (Lionel), the second was a L-shaped HO 8x12 and my current layout is a HO 4x8. I'm still working on it. The track is laid and...

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