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  1. NYO&W

    Mounting Trucks on N Scale chassis – Help Needed

    The LIRR MP-54 Project: This is my first attempt at building a kit in N Scale. The prototype was used on the long gone Whitestone Branch of the Long Island Railroad, a portion of which I will be modeling. Paint scheme will be PRR Tuscan Red with black roof and chassis. They were run as...
  2. NYO&W

    Acrylics, Warping and Priming Wood Laser Kits.

    I am about to attempt my second wood laser kit. My first attempt was an N scale ice house. I brush-applied my cream color without primer to the main building shell, after all 4 corners were glued in place, and watched in horror as the peaked ends of the building warped outward. :eek: I...
  3. NYO&W

    My 4x4 Layout

    I am new to the MRF and here’s my N scale layout. It is short on scenery (don’t expect to be too impressed :rolleyes:) but there are a lot of things going on in a small, densely packed space. It started out as a simple loop with track pinned directly to a board and just kept growing and...
  4. NYO&W

    Remember Your First O Scale Set?

    Maybe it was 50 years ago and you have pictures or maybe it was just this year. Either way it’s always special! Here is the Lionel set my Dad set up circa 1959 with me sitting on the table. I still have the Berkshire and the GG-1 and many of the freight cars in this photo. They are set up...
  5. NYO&W

    (N-Nn3) Playing Around With Dual Gauge.

    I have one piece of Nn3 rolling stock that I wanted to display on my N scale layout so I fashioned a section of dual gauge track. I glued a spare rail to a section of N gauge track to do so. Has anyone out there taken this concept further by creating an entire dual guage layout or branchline...
  6. NYO&W

    Weight of full size piece of rail?

    For all you full scalers :D ...or...ever just wonder how much that piece of rail weighs that you found in the woods near the abandoned right of way? I brought a 3 foot or so long section home once and almost busted my back doing it. :rolleyes: Afterwards I searched for a way to calculate the...
  7. NYO&W

    N Scale Steam Wishlist

    I would love to see a production run of any kind of Camelback or Mother Hubbard in N Scale. The custom built ones are beautiful but the price is off my charts and scratch-built is beyond my ability at this point. :rolleyes:
  8. NYO&W

    A Return to O scale

    Just getting back into O scale. I’ve unpacked the set my Dad ran for me in the late 1950s, which haven’t been run since the late 1970s. I have 2 parallel loops, the inner one has a turnout with a siding. My layout is 5 feet x 9 feet with no frills scenery (a few structures standing here and...
  9. NYO&W

    Plastic vs Metal Wheel Sets

    This is just my own opinion/observation: After the first season plastic wheel sets were banned from running on my layout. I find that they consistently deposit a thin film of plastic on the rails which then re-deposits on the wheels of my locomotives, resulting in electrical contact issues...
  10. NYO&W

    Bachmann 4-4-0 American Problem

    I know this has never been the best locomotive on the market to begin with :rolleyes: but... ...I am still trying to break in a PRR 4-4-0 American by Bachmann. I have read where it could be a good one if you take the time to break it in properly. On clean, straight track it will move only...
  11. NYO&W

    New to Forum from Bethel Connecticut.

    'Hello' to all from Nick in Connecticut! I am new to this forum and wish to introduce myself. I model primarily N scale on a 4x4 layout and also have a 5x9 layout of vintage Lionel O scale, set up along side of it in my basement. Back in my high school years I modeled HO but that is presently...

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