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  1. Attaboy

    Rock Island Lines Silvis shops

    Welcome to the forum, HOBO. I did an advanced google search for "railroad shops, Silvis, IL" and turned up several links with pics of the shops, inside and out. Here's one of the yard from the tower
  2. Attaboy

    info on train shows

    mmm, wonder if I can convince the girlfriend to go visit her mother in Allentown on the 19th. Looks like it would be just a few blocks from that show.
  3. Attaboy

    info on train shows

    Since you live in northern VA you might want to check out the Great Scale Model Train Shows at the state fair grounds in Timonium, MD. They have them four times a year and the next one is Feb. 2-3. The fall (Oct.) and Winter (Jan./Feb.) shows are usually the best. More vendors and layout...
  4. Attaboy

    Who Is Dick Truesdale?

    Thanks, Bob. I don't collect the ducks but I just had to have the engineer duck, couldn't resist.
  5. Attaboy

    Who Is Dick Truesdale?

    A google search for "Richard Truesdale" and "model railroad" turned up three hits all citing the above mentioned book. Seems that may be the highlight of his railroading interest. BTW, has four copies starting at 97.77.
  6. Attaboy

    Need help on a decision!

    So the his and hers GP60Ms sounds like a winner! ;)
  7. Attaboy

    This could be fun. (New camera)

    I was referring to the rechargable batteries standard on most digital cameras now. A two hour battery life isn't enough when on an all day layout tour. eight to ten hours riding a bus, taking a LOT of pics, mostly indoors with flash. And no way to recharge it on the bus.
  8. Attaboy

    This could be fun. (New camera)

    Everyone has mentioned extra memory cards, don't forget extra batteries. At the NMRA convention last year I had a digital camera for the first time, and ran out of battery power half way through a day of layout tours. :(
  9. Attaboy

    Northeast Pennsylvania Railroaders

    Scott, I appreciate your problem. I have the same one. Here in Perry County the nearest club would be (or used to be) in Mechanicsburg, about a 45 minute drive for me if they're still active. Farther for most people in the county. The N-Trak in Lemoyne is closer for N scalers. I too have...
  10. Attaboy

    Is this therapeutic?

    Welcome to the forum, Harry. I've been reading the previous posts with some interest and you've been getting good advice. One thought occurred to me is you didn't specify what kind of limitations you have in your arms(I process SSA disability applications, I think of these things). However...
  11. Attaboy

    XTrkCad an my utter lack of artistic talent.

    Perhaps a change in perspective would help. I never thought of layout design as an artistic endeaver. I view it as a logistical exercise, trying to incorporate the types of industry I want in a reasonably logical way to provide good operating opportunities in the space available. The artistic...
  12. Attaboy

    NMRA Question

    I have to agree Jeff, Scale Rails has shown marked improvement over the past couple issues.
  13. Attaboy

    NMRA Question

    Hi, Scott. I'm a life member of NMRA and like most organizations you get out of it what you are willing to put into it. With recent changes in bylaws, when you join the national NMRA you automatically become a member of your region (Mideast Region for you) and division (Susquehanna Division...
  14. Attaboy

    More Building Blocs work...

    I just picked up two bags of these blocks at GSMTS in Timonium on Saturday. That should be enough to experiment with getting some bridge abuttments that I like. He gave me a break on the price when I asked if they were the same ones I saw on the forums. Two bags for $10 USD.
  15. Attaboy

    Lego was never this fun. New building block material

    I expect to be ordering some of these soon. I've been looking for bridge abuttments and haven't found any commercially available ones to my liking.
  16. Attaboy

    Let's play caption this pic.

    Reservoir dogs? BAH! They ain't got nothin' on train tunnel dogs.
  17. Attaboy

    Caption this pic.

    Time for one more? Man in green shirt with confused look on his face, "DCC? decoder? CV? WHAT the heck is this kid talking about. I thought we were going to play with trains."
  18. Attaboy

    ID a Engine for me.

    It's a BL-2, don't know how many road used it but don't believe it was very common. Most model engines are made in China now, unfortunately.
  19. Attaboy

    Shortline paint poll

    I agree with Carey, your opinion is the only one that counts. Personally I like RCH's design. Primarily because shortlines are usually strapped for cash and would most likely go with an easy-to-paint design.
  20. Attaboy

    Way off Topic: What the heck is a Blog?

    Never quite understood who would read them myself. Journalists, politicians, business people, etc. keep them a lot. But for the average person, who cares? The only one I know of and read ocassionally is Greta Van Susteren's blog on

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