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  1. Ballhog24

    HO on a shelf

    I'm considering an HO shelf layout around my hobby room; I would like to get some suggestions from you folks. For the different size shelving, what number of tracks would fit comfortably? 1x6 shelving 1x8 shelving I'm not considering anything fancy, but would like to have at least...
  2. Ballhog24

    Forum not very moving

    Ok, so this forum is not necessarily a hot bed for G or large scale railroaders... Anyone have some other forums that you're members of that are more involved?
  3. Ballhog24

    Newbie needs layout design suggestions please

    Good morning! I need some suggestions from you veteran N scalers...I'm putting a layout underneath my dining room table, and not sure just how to go about it. The space is 58" by 34", and I'll have a 3" heigth clearance to work with. It's mainly for a Christmas layout, but if it looks...
  4. Ballhog24

    1/87 Vehicles at Hobby Lobby

    I was at Hobby Lobby today at lunch, and came across a big assortment of vehicles, mostly trucks, box vans, diesels, etc. in 1/87 scale. They are very pretty machines, priced about $3.99 each. I got some stuff for my G scale layout there at lunch, and probably going by there after work to...
  5. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    Ok, I don't want to blindly order curved track and "hope" it fits in my layout... so I'm hoping a little help, or someone can point me in a right direction. So far my layout is approximately 30 feet long and approximately 15 feet wide. My two straights will be 20 feet long, and 18 feet...
  6. Ballhog24

    G Track opinions

    Ok, I've done some research for getting track prices, and came up with what I've garnered are two of the more popular brands. Here is what I've come up with at one online site. LGB brass track, getting the rails and ties separately so I can make my own lengths, plus corner tracks, joiners...
  7. Ballhog24

    Keeping power to the track

    Ok, so with rough measurements I'm going to have approximately 85 feet of track on the Christmas display this season. (Don't get mad), I have a transformer to run the train, forget which one it is right now, I'll look when I get home later... question would be this: With that much track...
  8. Ballhog24

    Starting from scratch; new layout

    Ok, after discussing the conversion process and figuring out time tables; we have decided to run our 2005 Christmas display with track power instead of converting to battery. We'll re-visit the conversion venture early in 2006. With that said, we have laid out what is going to start as a very...
  9. Ballhog24

    roadbed track prep

    I've read a lot about how different people prepare their roadbeds for applications. I've read quite a few that create concrete roadbeds to put their track on and ballast. Has anyone on here done that, and is it that much better to go to that extreme? I know I wouldn't do that in my front...
  10. Ballhog24

    Converting track power to battery power

    Good morning everyone! I currently have two Bachmann 4-6-0 engines, one is a Christmas set, one is the steam engine and tender, unpainted and unlettered. I need some advice or assistance in converting these trains from track power to battery power. We're going to add approximately 125...
  11. Ballhog24

    I need some advice please

    Good morning. I have an idea, taken from some friends, that I'd like to work on. Here's the gist of whats up. As it is now, looks like G scale is the largest commercial scale for model railroading. In setting up our christmas display every year, the G scale is fun to work with, but just...
  12. Ballhog24

    Found the site and joined up

    Good morning everyone! Well after some very great help from a couple of moderators, I'm finally able to post on here!! thanks bunches. Wanted to say hello and introduce myself briefly. I'm a 39 yr old guy born and raised in Central Arkansas. I had a couple of train sets when I was a kid...

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