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  1. migalyto

    Lombard Hobbies has RBOX in red TTX lettering in stock.

    I just seen that Lombard hobbies has the 60' Gunderson DD hi-cubes with the red TTX lettering in stock with 3 road numbers. I was thrilled to snag 3 of them this morning, since pre-orders from Athearn were sold out months ago. I see Trainworld has already sold out, and so has Overland Hobbies...
  2. migalyto

    2019 Layout goals.

    With 2019 just around the corner, what are your goals for the hobby in the coming year? I think it would be fun, and create some conversation. Maybe your just getting started, in the intermediate layout stage, or well into your scenery, and just are going to add some small details. Let us know...
  3. migalyto

    ScaleTrains Christmas Story parody.

    Here is an amusing video post from ScaleTrains. I thought it was pretty funny. What does everyone think?
  4. migalyto

    Auto-rack loading.

    Found this video on loading of auto racks. When I pictured the loading of these, I figured they did them one at a time. I had no idea they drove through all the cars. Anyway I thought it was neat , and I learned something.
  5. migalyto

    New Atlas announcements.

    Some new stuff from Atlas. The December 2018 All Scales Monthly Catalog The deadline for placing your order/reservation with your Atlas Dealer on the product listed below is Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Click Here for the PDF version of the All Scales Monthly Catalog...
  6. migalyto

    ScaleTrains Trainfest Announcement's

    Looks like ScaleTrains is going to offer bulkhead flat cars. We just unveiled our 14th all-new HO Scale Freight Car at Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI: the Bethlehem Steel Co. (BSC) F68AH Bulkhead Flat Car with TTPX reporting marks. In keeping with the tradition of the Rivet Counter line...
  7. migalyto

    Atlas blowout sale.

    Don’t know if this of any interest to anyone living in the area. Could possibly be some gems to be had. The Atlas "NOT Going Out of Business" Warehouse Sale Dear Atlas Insider, We want to let you know about an exclusive “Atlas Insider” special event coming next month. Atlas will be opening...
  8. migalyto

    November Atlas announcements

    If anyone is interested. NEW ROAD NUMBERS! Atlas Master® HO 53' Evans Double Plug Door Box Car NEW PAINT SCHEMES & ROAD NUMBERS! Atlas Trainman® HO Thrall 4750 Covered Hopper NEW PAINT SCHEMES & ROAD NUMBERS! Atlas Trainman® HO Evans Gondola N Scale...
  9. migalyto

    Kato Web poll

    Kato poll on a possible re-production HO locomotive.
  10. migalyto

    MTH October News letter

    Click here to see a web copy of this email MTH HomeMy MTHProduct LocatorMTH NewsMTH ServiceContact Us 2018 HO Scale GP38-2 Diesel With Proto-Sound 3.0 Now In-Stock Check Out The Quick Start Video October 3, 2018 - Produced from 1972 to 1986, the GP38-2 helped inaugurate Electro-Motive’s...
  11. migalyto

    October Atlas Announcement's

    The October 2018 All Scales Monthly Catalog The deadline for placing your order/reservation with your Atlas Dealer on the product listed below is Wednesday, November 14th, 2018. Note: The Atlas supply chain was recently affected by an announced supplier factory closure. It is...
  12. migalyto

    Kato October announcement's

    Monthly Newswire - New Product Announcements October 8th, 2018 Coming Early 2019 - A New release of the Santa Fe "El Capitan" High-level train! The out-of-production Santa Fe “El Capitan ” returns to hobby stores with a brand new 2019 release of...
  13. migalyto

    InterMountain factory update.

    Looks like InterMountain has found a new manufacturer, and hopefully start production soon.
  14. migalyto

    ScaleTrains announces tunnel motors

    ScaleTrains announces a new locomotive.
  15. migalyto

    New bulkhead flats from Exactrail.

    Just seen the announcement that Exactrail was coming out with new bulkhead flat cars. They look like there going to be really nice...
  16. migalyto

    ScaleTrains new product announcements

    Looks like Scaletrains is doing a couple more runs of crude oil tankers with new road names, and some new SD-40-2s in HO Scale.
  17. migalyto

    My adventures in Ho Scale.

    About 15 months ago I switched from N to Ho scale. I tore down my existing benchwork from the previous layout, and started over from scratch, claiming more space. I don't really have a track plan, but I'm loaded with Kato unitrack to get something up, and running quickly. in the future the plan...
  18. migalyto

    Arduino ideas, and help

    Several of us were discussing Arduino, and decided to start a thread to discuss ideas. So if you have ideas, questions, or can offer technical help to those of us that are electronic challenged can get help here. This is open to all discussion, so don't feel there will be thread derailment. It...
  19. migalyto

    BNSF train derailment

    Just seen this on the news: Looks like a crude oil train derailed spilling crude.
  20. migalyto

    Atlas buys Walthers N Scale locomotive, and rolling stock tooling

    Hot off the press. Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. Acquires Walthers N Scale Locomotive and Rolling Stock Tooling June 22, 2018 For Immediate Release: Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc., and Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. have reached an agreement under which Atlas will...

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