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  1. WC3026

    lift out and stopping train.

    yes that would work but the lift out is in the hallway to my house so I am not always going to be around the throttle.
  2. WC3026

    lift out and stopping train.

    The gap I am referring to is the isolated gap in the rails for the area of track that is dead when the lift out is up.
  3. WC3026

    lift out and stopping train.

    So I have a lift out on my layout and have it set up so when I lift it up it shuts the tracks off a certain distance before it. It works great if it is only one loco. How can I wire it so that as the locos go across the gap they will stay running until the last loco goes over the gap? Could I...
  4. WC3026

    Proto 2000

    Iron I have mostly ran athearn BB and RTR stuff. 95% of what is on my layout is Athearn and now all of that is dcc ready rtr or the older rtr.
  5. WC3026

    Proto 2000

    First off All I can say is wow.. Wow that they run great and wow that you have to take it apart and clean all the gears to free them up! I picked up two ( unknown when made) GP30's put them on test track at hobby shop, they light up and you can hear the motor turning but no movement. Well we...
  6. WC3026

    My "Deer Haven" Garden Railroad Layout Video

    Would love to that in person someday!!!!!!!
  7. WC3026

    weird sound out of loco

    as said in bottom of first post gp35 and the NON DCC RTR's. I have taken the shell off and gave it the same power from the handheld as it had while running. I moved the trucks side to side up and down every which way. I could not get it to replicate the sound. All the axles are good and in...
  8. WC3026

    weird sound out of loco

    So I have 2 (TWO) athearn RTR the non dcc kind. They have been running great since I got them but now both are making an odd noise. they are fine when they are on the straights but when they hit any kind of turn the start making a growling noise. when they are by themselves (no cars behind them)...
  9. WC3026

    Building a CTC panel for the railroad

    I would love some of those to put on the fascia of my layout!!!
  10. WC3026

    turntable and making it work

    So right now I have the atlas TT on my layout it works great but its just too small. I at one time had a walthers 90' that i bought and the guy had it modified to a atlas TT to turn it but, have no idea what happened to it (I have the atlas TT that was with it but not the 90' ) . So what I am...
  11. WC3026

    WPF for week of 3/16 to 3/22

    I will get in on one of these for once!!! I got some time to get a little work done on my "mini Mountain" with adding of trees and some ground cover. I have about 100 or so trees that are going to go on here. Dont think it looks bad for it being my VERY first time doing anything like this EVER!!
  12. WC3026

    Switching Systems

    I know I can Brett but there are limitations to it. I am just getting tiered of the PA2 and want something I dont always have to have a cord hanging off of. when running I have to go under a lift out and another section of bench work to get to the other part of the layout. I am getting sick of...
  13. WC3026

    Switching Systems

    OK so I can use it.. I just have to get an adapter for when it goes into the base unit.
  14. WC3026

    Switching Systems

    Ok so I went and looked at it again today and it has two boxes from NCE. After looking at pictures on NCE's site it is the PH10R but I dont remember if it had the computer port on the face of it (I am working on getting a picture up.
  15. WC3026

    Switching Systems

    So I have been looking at switching systems. Right now I am using the MRC prodigy advanced 2 system and I really like it but I am wanting something I can get more i depth with like JMRI and what not. I am looking at a NCE system at my LHS it is used but there is alot there (cant remember...
  16. WC3026

    Is Computer Railroad Simulation Programs Really Model Railroading?

    I think the only one that would ever come close would be a game called Railroad Tycoon now called Railroads. you built your track to the cities you controlled the trains (somewhat).
  17. WC3026

    My collection Has started!!

    Logandsawman I was just at that shop in st paul today its scale model supplies I dropped the 723 and broke one of the truck side frames. once I get all the rolling stock together I got out of the stuff I just got I will post a pic and a pic of everything.
  18. WC3026

    When to use light bulbs over LEDs?

    IMHO for locos use LED for areas like the mine I would use a bulb, It just gives the more realistic look. Leds look so much more better in locos cause they give you that super bright pin point lighting just like they wold look on a real loco. bulbs give you the droned out wide angle style light...
  19. WC3026

    My collection Has started!!

    So I have always wanted to model the Wisconsin Central railway Since I live about 75 yards away from the line now CN. I have always kept my eye out for WC items well my collection just got bigger!!! All of these are Athearn RTR. Here is the group pic (it is missing one) One of the GP38-2 2004...
  20. WC3026

    What decoder is this???

    I have an Mrc PA2 and I can only read on program track

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