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    Weaver Kits

    started this weaver kit a couple of days ago and so it does not come with wheels. any suggestions on what wheelsets and coupler system would fit this kit? and does it require weights?
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    very basic question..maybe not a basic answer..

    Howdy, warning: I know nothing about O scale operations. Later this year I will need to set up a rather long oval to run about 30 or 40 cars. I purchased an engine today at a show. It has dual motor and pretty heavy. The guy I bought it from had a test track and tested it out. from what I...
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    Guns Stolen From Boxcar in Atlanta

    this happened in the yard where i normally do a lot of railfanning. needless to say ill be steering clear for a while. however, there seem to be a few holes in the story so far. 1. Tilford is a bulk freight...
  4. Airslide

    identify this engine shell

    hello- i searched this for a while in all the ways i could think to search it, but i still could not find exactly what i was looking for. pretty sure someone here would know. what is the manufacturer of this model just by looking at it? its not engraved anywhere. where would be the best...
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    looking for any experience with uncoupling devices? i google everything first, but in this case im really looking for the benefit of experience because the ad always says "this will work". i wound up on Kadee's site and they have quite a few from a fully motorized deal to a slab magnet...
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    any idea what this DODX car is?

    ive see a lot of strange things being hauled by rail over the years but this is a first..any ideas?
  7. Airslide

    whats this called??

    does anyone know the technical name for this car. i have been searching for a couple of days now (online) and cannot seem to find any in HO scale, but obvioulsy they exist. i figure if i knew exactly what they are called i can narrow down my search. if anyone can provide a link to a site...
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    removable bridges

    ok, not actually planning my layout yet as far as creating a track plan, but there is an ongoing storm in my brain about what my grand layout will become: two benches. 1 8X20 and 1 L shape of aprox the same size. I want an emphasis on industry and operation but these two benches will be on...
  9. Airslide

    multiple engines

    question: i am setting up a display for a friend of mine. very simple DC controlled large HO scale EZ track oval in a warehouse with about 30-40 (maybe more) cars. if i run multiple engines to pull this load, is there any chance of an overload to the power pack?
  10. Airslide

    reporting marks

    two things: 1) feedback on this latest weathering project. 2) what techniques do you use to make reporting marks straight. I just eyeballed these and think they are kind of crooked. I figure there is a clever way to make them truly straight without drawing some kind of guideline. I...
  11. Airslide

    Athern rolling stock kits

    i have always been pretty fond of these and found out the other day they are being discontinued (or have already been). the variety is pretty wide for contemporary rolling stock. plus since they come disassembled, you can apply any weathering without having to take them apart and put back...
  12. Airslide

    windex, alcohol, airbrush and decals

    ok, i have several questions regarding the items in the thread title. i've been in a weathering mood in the last few weeks and have started about 3 projects and just really need to hear some other techniques/advice. keep in mind im a bit of a novice. 1) painting a stock car (stock meaning...
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    modern reefer search-

    sorry if a thread about this topic has already been posted, but has anyone seen a model (preferably HO) of these cars yet. I know Tropicana, Cryo and BNSF(with the icicles on top) have quite a few in their fleet and I have been seeing them for close to 10 years now. wondering why a model is...
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    second (attempt) scratchbuilt structure

    ok, i tried to replicate a modern logistics warehouse type of building. it is based on the countless buildings like it in the metro atlanta area. this particular bldg will be a farmers market when completed and will be on phase 3of my layout which is a small industrial park, serviced by rail of...
  15. Airslide

    oil trails (suggestions needed)

    ok, so i got some oils yesterday and decided to try to achieve that light oxidizing rusted effect. sorry for the dark photos. roofs the results were not perfect, not even close. but i did get a bit of a better understanding of stipiling and control. experience is the best...
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    recent acqusition(s)

    without going into great detail I relieved a friend of mine of this 4X9 HO scale layout, since after all, i have the space. my model railroad experience has doubled in size since last weekend. in addition to the table, i got 8 power units, 4 santa fe passenger cars, some landscaping...
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    Athern HO scale kits

    I have purchased several Athern HO scale rolling stock kits. more for the variety of cars, than the price, although the price was a factor. The problem is almost all of them, when assembled, dont seem to run smothely like some of the ready to run cars I have. I tried swaping out the...
  18. Airslide

    anyone know what this is

    i have always wondered what this is for. i vaguely remember someone telling me it is to carry current for radio transmissions years ago. but that never really made much sense. any takers?
  19. Airslide

    Rbox 36081

    so thanks to rotor i now have an airbrush. while I am anxious to use my new toy, I am a little hesitant as I dont want to mess this up. my first 'airbrush' weathering project is this RBOX car. but at this point I am unsure how to proceed. I have weathering chalks and a pretty good...
  20. Airslide

    scratchbuilt bumpers anyone???

    several moths ago i came accross a little photo tutorial on scratchbuilding bumbers using a bent nail, some yellow paint and other household items. at the time i was just getting my roadbed down. now that is complete and i would like to include those bumpers, but I cannot find that tutorial...

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