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  1. mini scene

    mini scene

    a mini scene from an old caboose
  2. H

    off to a great start!

    a few months ago i was posting about planning a layout after the move. I have started on it a couple weeks ago. It is not the very best, but it is better than nothing. here are some pics. the river it will have more "water" added a mini scene the tunnel base it rotates so i can acess the...
  3. H

    bridge weathering.

    i have a scratchbuilt an abandoned bridge I saw on my vacation that I weathered. I am only going to show the first half because I have yet to weather the other half. the more dark spots on the sides are holes like where there is termite damage. here it is with the other half glued...
  4. H

    my "new layout" thread.

    I am starting a new layout as some of you may know. If you have ever seen any pictures of my layout before, that one is at one of my family member's house in Vermont. I tore it up over the summer, keeping all of it to use the scenery. But because I live in Texas now, I have "Layout Fever."...
  5. H

    1/87th Vehicles

    i was at Walmart yesterday and the construction vehicles by Norcot were on sale from $5.95 to $5.00. I was gonna pick some up, but I didn't have enough money. the also had the lowrider cars as well in 1:87 scale, but i didnt have enough.
  6. H

    WEEKEND Photo fun 03 04 05 August

    here is pic from old layout.- some paper intermodal containers- a lake that goes to a stream that will go on my layout. drain pipe old layout pic again- nice job Steve B -Kevin
  7. H

    Traffic lights

    i found this- try Google-ing model railroad traffic lights under images. you might find one you like, then the site it's from
  8. H

    Traffic lights

    I don't know if you live by a Hobby Lobby at all, but they sell them.
  9. H

    How do you clean your track???

    I use steel wool and I find it does a terrific job!
  10. H

    my weathered and loaded cars

    I took some new pics and edited first post.
  11. H

    my weathered and loaded cars

    sure Larry- good Idea
  12. H

    Let's get LOADED!!!.....
  13. H

    loaded cars- what did you use?

    ive made some loads from can tops and other pieces laying around. I made many loads from plastic BB's shaken in a container of brown paint, along with the other scrap.
  14. H

    my weathered and loaded cars

    tell me what you think sorry if they are blurry
  15. H

    loaded cars- what did you use?

    I'm sorry- i cannot find
  16. Bridge construction/ town

    Bridge construction/ town

    Everybody is enjoying themselves at the town stores. Traffic is running smoothly near the construction zone. Photo by Kevin Soucie.
  17. H

    loaded cars- what did you use?

    I agree i saw this. that is why I was asking because I didn't know if they were pre-made or if the person put pieces together.
  18. H

    loaded cars- what did you use?

    Did you buy a built load for your gondola, hopper, or flatcar? or did you make your own, and if you did, what is it made from.
  19. H

    my newb layout

    ok- I have found some more pictures and a larger pic of the town. town Shell Oil Facility Construction random building of bridge- another pic of construction
  20. H

    What does this Caboose do?

    i have the same thing as this- mine is red- urs is yellow and diff. road name

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