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    off to a great start!

    a few months ago i was posting about planning a layout after the move. I have started on it a couple weeks ago. It is not the very best, but it is better than nothing. here are some pics. the river it will have more "water" added a mini scene the tunnel base it rotates so i can acess the...
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    bridge weathering.

    i have a scratchbuilt an abandoned bridge I saw on my vacation that I weathered. I am only going to show the first half because I have yet to weather the other half. the more dark spots on the sides are holes like where there is termite damage. here it is with the other half glued...
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    my "new layout" thread.

    I am starting a new layout as some of you may know. If you have ever seen any pictures of my layout before, that one is at one of my family member's house in Vermont. I tore it up over the summer, keeping all of it to use the scenery. But because I live in Texas now, I have "Layout Fever."...
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    my weathered and loaded cars

    tell me what you think sorry if they are blurry
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    loaded cars- what did you use?

    Did you buy a built load for your gondola, hopper, or flatcar? or did you make your own, and if you did, what is it made from.
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    what are you working on?

    just post what you are working on. if you can, provide a picture. I am working a my river/sewer area.
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    what have you built from scratch?

    I was wondering what you have built from scratch for your HO layout and what you have built it out of. If you have pics, plz post. here are mine. will get pics up soon, or try to. * platform for passengers *1 stall engine house. (can fit 2. May use for cabooses or train cars.) *cattle loading...
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    signs to print?

    ok. Does anybody know where is a good pic of signs and stuff that I can print and cut out?
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    how much is this worth?

    I am buying it from somebody online and i dont want the lot of track that cam with it- lots of straight, crossing- road, one turnout. the engines do not work. all-together it was $30
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    ok. I want to know if you can use like the Hot Wheels and Mattel cars and truck on an HO scale layout. I have seen somebody do it awhile ago- I have some cars and trucks laying around and have just recently bought a Cat grader...
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    Wow- amazing pictures I find will help!

    I found this online google-ing stuff. even though it is about war things, but I find this helpful for a design of a river, hills, and whatever else there is for a plan comments plz
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    foam? design?

    does anybody know the name of this foam? and if Home Depot sells it? and I need a table design kinda deal.
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    how come?

    how come nobody's model railroad trains use the "horn-hook" couplers anymore?
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    my newb layout

    laugh all you want- i was a newb when i first started new design for next layout KEY: sky blue line is road. red squares are buildings. green area is mountain. black is track. sorry about pic being so small- will resize later
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    which is better?

    for my HO scale train setup? E-Z track or the other track w/ out base- i dont know what it is called. plz tell me. it is code 100 though and, can these two types be combined?

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