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  1. J

    Show us your best F units

    684 and a GP7 working the MFA in Columbia, Mo.
  2. J

    Columbia, Mo. 1963

    Iron Horseman, No, The Katy also had a branch to Columbia but the two lines didn’t connect. The big customer for the Katy was the power plant for the collage. As the Katy’s track condition fell into a state of disrepair the traffic was moved to the Wabash. The coal was unloaded from the...
  3. J

    NS Heritage Units

    A "new" Wabash unit. Sounds like a good reason to be track side.
  4. J

    What do you do for a living?

    That’s one of the things I like about model railroading, the diversity of the people in it. I own a small CNC machine shop catering to the medical and aerospace industries.
  5. J

    New around the walls layout

    GM, I like the plan overall and you have gotten some great advise from some experienced modelers. Your plan has a lot similarities to the layout I just took down. The only thing I have to add is watch out how close you get track to the backdrop. I found anything less than 2-3” made it...
  6. J

    Layout tour SP in the 50s

    Great looking layout.
  7. J

    Wpf 2-17/2-23

    Great stuff everyone. I’ll contribute one of my favorites from my recently dismantled layout.
  8. J

    Columbia, Mo. 1963

    The decision to dismantle the layout came about for a couple reasons: We are moving to a new home with a finished basement. While the layout was planned and constructed to be moveable, the new space isn’t near the same size or shape. From the very beginning this layout was planned as a...
  9. J

    Columbia, Mo. 1963

    Time for a new project! This layout was always planned as a chainsaw sort of thing. I learned alot from building it and am planning it's replacement.
  10. J

    Bogenville Terminal Ry.

    I just checked it out. Nice looking stuff. Do you do only CP and CN?
  11. J

    Columbia, Mo. 1963

    Nothing really new to report with the layout. I thought we were going to be moving to a new home so I stopped working on the layout thinking it would be coming down soon. But with the wild swings in the housing market as of late we have decided now is not the right time to be moving. I think it...
  12. J

    Weekly Photo Fun, 1/7/11 thru 1/13/11

    Nice stuff everyone. I dont have anything new, so hear is a shot I took last year on the layout.
  13. J

    Watsonville junction

    Frank, You have a very well done layout.
  14. J

    Over-grown rails

    Thanks Stephen, If I was starting over I would use smaller rail, code 70 or maybe even hand lay55. I used Atlas code 83. It was cheap and runs great, my number one goal, but it looks to "good" for a 1960s era branch line and the over size spike detail really shows in photos even with the rail...
  15. J

    "Radio Equipped" Decals?

    I’m going totally from memory on this one, but I recall a picture of a railroads end cab switcher that was all yellow chevrons on the cab end, I think it was an Erie Alco?
  16. J

    Over-grown rails

    Yes, the rail heads and flang ways are clean and clear. Everything runs fine over the weed covered tracks. I used three colors of static grass blended together and trimmed the length after the glue dried to give it a natural look.
  17. J

    Over-grown rails

    I know this is an old thread but this is my best effort at modeling overgrown track.
  18. J

    "Radio Equipped" Decals?

    MKT and some of the lehigh valley units had yellow stripes but I think the chevrons on the ends where white. Livonia Avon & Lakeville Alcos have yekkow chevrons but I don't know of a decale set for them.
  19. J

    Some new power roaming the Rails

    Great looking models and layout.
  20. J

    "Radio Equipped" Decals?

    A set for an Erie Lackawanna E8 would have what you need.

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