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  1. azdiane

    need smoke box front for Key Hudson

    Hi all, I need the smoke box front for an HO Key Imports 4-6-4 Hudson (Santa Fe 3450). It's a long story, involving a feline. Can anyone suggest a source? Thanks.
  2. azdiane

    Dead Rail HO ?

    The local garden rail club has a Christmas setup in a mall, with cute big toy-like G size steam locos. In chatting with the folks it turns out it's a "dead rail" setup, with no electric power in the rails. This lady was raving about it. All the electricity is carried on-board each locomotive in...
  3. azdiane

    Grand Canyon (model)Railroad

    I thought members would be interested in this model railroad article from the Williams AZ newspaper: Diane
  4. azdiane

    Interior for Walthers Silver Springs Terminal bus station?

    I posted this question in the "structures" section, but hope to find more answers in this section. Does anyone know of an interior kit for the Walthers Silver Springs HO bus station? Alternatively, could anyone share a link to pics of the interior of a small bus station like that one. (I've...
  5. azdiane

    Interior for Walthers bus station?

    So far I have not been able to find an interior detail kit for the Walthers Silver Springs Terminal bus station in HO. Does anyone know of such a kit? Thanks. Diane
  6. azdiane

    military trucks out of scale

    My hubby and I thought it would be cute to have a little HO military convoy, and so ordered from e-bay five military trucks very clearly identified as "1:87 scale" and "HO scale." They were Roco and Herpa offerings, apparently period accurate, nicely molded, crisp, clean, attractive unpainted...
  7. azdiane

    Kadee mounting

    I recently went through our collection of HO rolling stock, and find I need to replace about fifty couplers. Quite a few old cars have one coupler missing, with the other coupler assembly held in place by what appears to be a spring-steel clip. I have the replacement Kadee couplers, but when I...
  8. azdiane

    locomotive headlight assemblies

    I've done a few searches and not yet found what I'm looking for. I want to replace the "old time" headlights on a couple of HO steam locomotives. Does anyone know of a source of pre-wired headlight assemblies, hopefully complete with LED or bulb and lens? Thanks, 'n hugs, Diane
  9. azdiane

    That silvery glint...

    Yesterday I was up flying, and happened to be at the right angle to see the sun's bright glint racing along railroad tracks below. That sparkle of sun on steel rail is one of the things that I find visually iconic and appealing about railroading, and wish I could reproduce with my models. But...
  10. azdiane

    "Daylighting" a loco cab ??

    I came across the term "daylighting" referring to changes made to an old time 4-4-0 steam loco cab. Yet the finished pics don't seem to indicate a skylight or bigger windows to let daylight in, and don't adequately explain, so I confess I don't know the meaning of the term in this context...
  11. azdiane

    Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 disassembly

    Hi, While waiting for my nice G-5 to come back from the backshop, I'm messing with an HO Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 that came new out of the box with their sound. I have a Tsunami TSU-1000 I'd like to put in it instead, and I'll probably improve the speaker. It's sort of an opportunity to teach...
  12. azdiane

    Long Island RR "end of train" old practices

    Hi, I'm putting together a consist of early to mid-fifties era Long Island passenger cars. I'm hoping someone recalls what sort of lighting or end-of-train device might have been in use on the last coach by LIRR in that period. Would this have been before FREDs? So far this is the only...
  13. azdiane

    Con-cor vs Athern heavyweight pass cars

    I'm assembling a train of Pennsy and Long Island heavyweight passenger cars from my e-bay finds. When coupling Athern heavyweights together with the Con-cor version of the same car its obvious that the scales are slightly off. The Con-cor is a nice model with good detail, but it sits low...
  14. azdiane

    The history of our railroads

    I posted this earlier in a thread about naming out railroads, but I think our richly imagined histories deserve their own thread. This entry is about my Northland. Please join me and post the history of your railroad here. ;) The Northland In the early years of the 21st century, the...
  15. azdiane

    Long Island G-5 loco

    Hi all, I'm seeking to purchase a specific HO loco, the PRR G-5 4-6-0 that ran on the Long Island in the early post-war days (before my time!). So far I see offerings by Gem, Custom Brass, Bowser, Max Gray, and Westside. Are there other manufacturers I'm missing? I'm hopeing that some of...
  16. azdiane


    Hi, My hubby and I are getting back to our HO roots after trying N scale for a little while. We have been looking at that back bedroom, and have finally decided it's time to start from scratch and build a little world for our Arizona Northland and Pacific Railroad. We are both busy people, so...

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