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    Foam Thickness and Tortoises

    I finally have stopped procrastinating and started on my HO shelf layout. Yesterday I put up the shelving brackets so I am now ready to start building the bench work. With this in mind I have two questions: 1 - What thickness of foam to use? I have previously used 2" foam for the base...
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    Looking For A Trackplan

    I am looking for a trackplan and was hoping someone could help me. I do believe the plan was in the 2007 Great Model Railroads issue (which I ironically had but accidently threw out). It is a HO scale, 16 foot x 1 or 2 foot wide shelf type with a power plant feed by wood chips. I think I...
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    Is Great West Models Still in Business?

    As I am starting to get building ideas going for my shelf layout I keep looking for Great West Models buildings but no one seems to have them in stock. Have they gone out of business? Thanks in advance,
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    Atlas Code 83 Availablity

    Does anyone know when Atlas Code 83 track will be available again? I am trying to get started on my layout and can't seem to find any track anywhere.
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    N Scale Walthers ADM Grain Elevator

    I am looking at possibly adding this industry on my layout. The dimensons for this building are roughly 6" x 9" x 9". Does anyone have this building on their layout and if so can it be easily built into a half width building ( making it 3" x "9" x 9") so it can fit against a backdrop? Pics...
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    The new M&V

    Here is the layout for the new M&V Railroad. It consists of 2 - 15" x 8' sections with the ability to add on additional 8' sections. I plan on a smalll downtown scene in the middle as well. Let me know what you think.
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    My LHS Rocks!

    One of the LHS I like to use hooked me up this week. I purchased a bunch of Bachman N scale freight cars and when I got them home I realized they had the new Bachman knuckle coupler on them (the rest of my fleet is rapido). I like the rapido type and was in a bind. I went the talk to the guy...
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    Need a Electronic Supply Store

    I am looking for a good online electronic parts supplier, mainly for SPDT switches. Anyone know any good/reliable ones?
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    Scenery From the M&W (Formerly the SEI)

    I started the scenery on my 3x8 n scale layout this week and for being a 1st time modeler I am pretty proud of myself. I started with this back corner by my scene block to "test" my technique and I used a brown latex paint on the foam then used ground cover on top. I still need to ballast the...
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    Road Line Spacing

    Does anyone know what the distance is between the dashed yellow lines on the highway? I am getting ready to put in a road and want to paint them on. Thanks!
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    Track Cleaning

    What does everyone use to clean track? I have seen products made specificly for that purpose but what are other alternatives (like alcohol, etc.).
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    SEI Railroad Update

    Here are the details and some pics of my layout: Scale: N Size: 3 ft x 8 ft (but will get bigger later this year) Time Period: Modern My wife got me a Bachman Explorer train set for Christmas and I have been working on it in my free time. I had to start over in March because the...
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    Posting Pics

    Can someone show me the link on how to post pics? Thanks!
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    Real Train Operation Speeds

    In real life how fast do trains normally operate at? Is there set speed limits?
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    The SEI is now operational

    After 2 months of screwing around I have finally completed my benchwork, laid the track, and have everything wired up to run! Now I can work on my scenery. As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will post them. I finally have completed the basics of my 3x8 layout and can run operations...
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    Engine Operation Question

    Do real railroads run there locos backwards besides in switching? I am looking at point to point operations and didn't know if railroads run the train in reverse for long distances.
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    N Scale Conversion

    Does anyone have a calculation on converting measurments to N scale? I want to convert some buildings for my layout. Thanks!
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    The Power of the Internet!

    I was goofing off and looking for information on wikipedia when I came across their railroad section which listed all of the shortline railroads in Iowa (where I live). I was able to find the local railroad and a list of all the companies they service in my town. I am now going to pick out 3-5...
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    Curious Coupler Question

    I have a bachman engine with rapido couplers as well as the rest of the cars that came in the set. Can you mix coupler types and how hard is it to switch couplers on an engine?
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    Does Solder conduct electricity?

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