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    Back EMF in Decoders

    OK, insomnia has hit and I am thinking about decoders...that's the sign of an addiction, right? :) How many of you fellas are using decoders with Back EMF? I built a bunch of the MERG dec13 decoders which have this feature, and I tell ya it is the coolest thing for older motors and layouts...
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    MERG homemade decoders

    Has anyone here built and/or used the homebuilt decoder design by the MERG group? I've built a V13 test unit on perfboard and it seems to work well, but due to the unconventional DCC I'm using the motor response isn't that great. But I'm thinking of building some for passenger coach lighting...
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    Athearn F7A question

    OK, another dumb question from me about F7s. :) I picked up 2 Athearn BB F7A units from eBay, and neither have any weights in them. They are both flywheel equipped and definitely were displayed or boxed units as they are in beautiful condition, but no weight inserts whatsoever. I have...
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    Can you say OOPs - attn Jerome :-)

    A buddie with CN sent me these recently (my apologies if these are a repost). Last time I saw a frame fold up like this it was on my 1977 Mustang II. :) The story: "These photos were taken August 10, 1982. Wrong tracked eastbound passenger hit a westbound freight on the north track just east...
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    Calling F unit experts

    What are the round things/devices mounted just above the numberboards on the front? They kinda look like lights...? Thanks guys! Mark
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    CN 102/103 Special Train

    Guys, in searching for images of E6 to E9 diesels I came across photos of a pair of engines CN owns, namely 102 and 103. Apparently I missed seeing them in person pulling a Grey Cup special in Toronto, and lately (judging by recent photos on they are in Quebec. I've searched...
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    EBay chip-o-rama

    OK, check out the bid history on this one: And the bidder has lotsa history so he isn't a newbie...I've just never seen a chipper (not to mention a self-chipper) like this one in my life...
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    EMD Switchers

    Hey guys... I'm looking at getting a switcher for the yard, likely an EMD SW- type. I have been keeping an eye out for an Athearn SW1500 as I do like those old Athearns, but the Proto 2000 SW9/SW8 units have recently caught my eye. Seeing as I can't get my hands on a Proto before buying...
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    Progress So Far

    Hi guys! Well, the second main is on line so I think the layout is at a point where I can show 'er off. :) The history is as follows: As a kid (youngest of three) I was the one who got "dragged" to the NMRA conventions in the late 70s and early 80s. My dad was a master modeller and did...
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    Proto 1000 tweaking

    Hi guys... I recently picked up a Proto1000 Erie Built A/B pair on EBay. They are in mint physical condition and are super smooth when they do run, but the power pickup isn't too good. They both jerk around a lot even though the track is clean. The wheels are freshly cleaned as well with...
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    New member, DCC Computer Question

    Hi everyone... Just joined the other day and wanted to say hello. My father was a huge model railroader for years (got NMRA master modeller in 1980) and I was always in tow at the conventions until I "lost interest" in my early teens (well, more like my "interest" was diverted when I hit...

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