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    Happy Canada Day

    ....... to all our Canadian members on the forum. Enjoy your holiday! :)
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    AMTRAK Incident

    Around 12:30 AM today an AMTRAK train collided with a car in Mansfield Massachusetts. Follow up news later today showed the area under investigation was not a grade crossing but rather a long stretch of track through a wooded non built up area. Report stated the car was driving on the tracks...
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    Proto Snow Plow

    I had preorderd a Proto Russell plow from my LHS. Walthers expected arrival date was the end of June. I stopped in yesterday and they had arrived, almost a week ahead. I bought the undecorated version and checked it out after I got home. Very nicely done with bags of separate detail parts...
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    Painting Truck Sideframes

    Over the years I've tried all different ways of keeping paint out of the axles sockets. Tiny pieces of masking tape or little balls of something that can be removed after painting. While they will do the job there had to be a better and easier way. Today I found it. Yesterday I painted up a...
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    Anybody Seen Jeffery?

    I noticed Jeffery Wimberly has not been shown in the members "on" list for several days. Maybe I've just been on when he isn't. I hope that is the case and nothing more serious. Has anybody been in contact with him?
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    Suburban Renewal

    This is one of those little projects that seem to find me once in a while. This house was on a sort of diorama of a hunk of poster board along with some really horrible plastic trees. Somebody had built it and gave it to my boss at work. He offered it to me. I have no idea what sort of glue...
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    Thanks to the moderators for the new vehicle section. Athearn Freightliner converted to a straight job and sleeper removed to make a day cab. Still a work in progress awaiting mirrors. WW2 German army truck with flat bed built from styrene. Bike club scene. Tribute to a real club...
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    New DC Power Pack

    Went to the Amherst Society Train Show in Springfield Mass over the weekend. Been needing another power supply and saw the MRC display. I picked up an MRC Tech 7 ampac 760 throttle. It has selectable momentum and brake features and a 20VA output. With momentum turned on if you hold the brake...
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    Coupler Screw Size?

    Anyone know what size screw is used to hold the coupler pockets on a Proto 2000 SD60, HO scale? No doubt its metric but I don't have anything here to use. I thought about drilling and retapping the frame for a standard 2-56 screw but the head of the screw won't clear the back side of the...
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    New Housing

    Projects I've been picking away at over the warmer months and finished up this week. First is a City Classics company house. Only added details are window shades, porch railings, and a stack pipe for the small side addition. I installed both chimneys that came with the kit to suggest this...
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    Tru Color Paint

    Fairly new in the hobby shops. It is a solvent based mix and they have several prototype colors including 5 for the New Haven which is part of what I model. TCP has its own thinner which is clearly said to be acetone and because I always had best results using thinner from the same maker I...
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    222 Years

    Off topic but just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the USA's oldest continuous seagoing service, the United States Coast Guard. August 4, 1790. A few name changes since the original Revenue Marine Service until it was named the US Coast Guard in 1915 but an unbroken chain since day one.
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    Happened to catch this during a UP ad on the news this morning. Looks like it will be ongoing and have added content as the RR celebrates 150 years.
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    New Haven FL9

    I was at my local hobby shop over the weekend and the owner was filling me in on what is in the works from various manufacturers. He mentioned that one of the smaller companies has an FL9 in development. Details are kind of sketchy but he said it will be on a modified Atlas chassis / drive...
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    Cullen Station

    I just finished building it. Laserkit by American Model Builders. The prototype was on the Virginian Rwy's Norfolk Division. The structure has an open shed waiting area with a bench on the back wall, freight / ticket agent office, and a small freight room and loading platform. Instructions are...
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    Things I Wish They Sold

    Unless you're in some odd scale like Pn18 then there is almost anything you could use or want for the most part. And there are things nobody offers and everybody could use. I'd like to see somebody make and sell the round seals that go in the caps of Floquil and Testors 1/2 oz and 1 oz paint...
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    Rare ALCO

    Thumbing through an older book called "New England ALCOS in Twilight" I came across a single picture of an RSD15 which looks like an elongated RS11 on 6 wheel trucks. No mention of whether it was a Schenectady or MLW product. It caught my interest and I'm thinking of building one using an Atlas...
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    Wpf 10/14 - 10/20

    Smallest engine in my stable. Dunkirk geared locomotive. Cylinders were in the cab with a gearbox below them and driveshafts to each truck. Built in Dunkirk New York. Kadee 5's are only on for testing.
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    Starting Over - a Poll

    If you could start all over again with no layout to tear down and no items to sell off, what would you work in? Even if you would not change, check whatever you are now modelling. Check all that apply ex: HO scale / Traction Z scale N scale HO scale S scale O scale G or F...
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    Archeological Finds

    2 weeks ago while digging through and exhuming deeper into my long forgotten train treasures I discovered these Atlas / Kato undecs unopened in their boxes. Bought sometime around 1983 or 1984 as best I can remember. Test ran them and they were perfect so took them to the bench for a run...

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