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  1. Motley

    Coors Brewery

    I decided to dedicate a nice area for the Coors plant. Here is my updated trackplan for my new layout. The lower right section. Took my new camera and went over to Coors last week for some photos. I created a panoramic photo, and I will have it printed on some vinyl photo paper. The...
  2. Motley

    Jordan Spreader snow plow

    I got the new Walthers Russel snow plow they just released recently. I need more plows, because the entire mountain loop section on my new layout will be all covered in snow. They don't offer a BNSF model though. So got the CN version, and I will paint the front blade area black, have the BNSF...
  3. Motley

    TV Show Railroad Alaska

    Anybody here watch that TV show on the channel Destination America? Well today all day long 5 hours in length. They have been showing a real time in cab view of the Alaska Railway. From Talkitna to Anchorage 137 miles. Its really cool. Giving me lots of ideas for my new layout, for my snow...
  4. Motley

    Powhatan Arrow N&W Class J #611 Queen of Stam

    Well unfortunatly I had to sell a few of my passenger steam excursion trains to help with moving costs into my new place. So now I need another steam excursion train. I've decided to get the N&W J Class 4-8-4 from BLI and N&W passenger cars for the Powhatan Arrow. The 611 was recently...
  5. Motley

    Now this is dedication!

    Someone mentioned that because I'm using the master bedroom for my new layout, that I'm a dedicated model railroader? I have nothing on this guy! His garage was built better than most peoples houses. He spent over a $100k...
  6. Motley

    Motley's new layout build

    OK, well I guess its time to start a thread. I wanted to get a jump on the plan. I've been working on this using any rail. Size is 13' x 11'. Around the walls with a peninsula. And a Nolix type into lower level staging area. I will be utilizing parts of my old layout. Like the...
  7. Motley

    Moving into a new house, moving the layout.

    Hey everyone. Haven't really been active on here, because I've been stressed out trying to find a place. The housing market here in Denver is at a fever pitch with all the people moving here. They estimated 90,000 people moving here just this year. Its crazy. I'm renting a house for the past 8...
  8. Motley

    Centerbeam cars

    I recently got 6 Walthers 72' Centerbeam cars. I don't know why I waiting so long to get some. These things are nice. I also got the JD Lumber loads for them. These are nice also. I like that they are easily removable. Unlike the Walthers loads, where they snap together. I lightly...
  9. Motley

    Milwaukee Road Hiawatha

    All this Milwuakee Road talk has me thinking. Now I want to get the Hiawatha train. LOL I'm looking to get the Walthers passenger set. The MR E7 AA units, and the full 9 car set. The 1955 twin cities version, with orange, black, maroon. I found some available on ebay. Iron Horseman, you...
  10. Motley

    WPF Dec 12-19

    Nobody started a new weekly photo thread? Come on slackers.... Guess I'll start it off. My early Christmas present. Its an Intermountain BN ES44AC. It has a loksound decoder. Finally got it all dialed in, so I can consist it for my BNSF coal drags.
  11. Motley

    Ever forget about a preorder?

    So yesterday I get this email from Train Track. "You order will be shipping out today". I like huh, I don't remember ordering anything. LOL So I look up the order and found out it was made on 10/28/2013. Last year! Geeezus I completely forgot all about it. They already charged my card, so I...
  12. Motley

    The Silver Lady

    I just got a brand new set of MTH F3s D&RGW for the California Zephyr. I have 10 BLI Zephyr cars. I had the 8 car set from 2 years ago. And I just got 2 more new ones. MTH has PA (Passenger Announcements). Hitting F4 launches the announcements sequence. Arrival, disembarking, and departure. I...
  13. Motley

    Tropicana ORANCE JUIGE

    YES I spelled that right didn't I? Wait a minute. Apparently the Chinese can't spell Engrish bary good. Red Caboose (Intermountain) has bunch of spelling defects on their new Tropicana cars. If I was Intermountain, that would be the last straw, and bring manufacturing back to the US. How in the...
  14. Motley

    Coal flood loader

    I want to add a western style flood loader to my coal mine operations. I have some room on the mine entry lead tracks. The problem is the Walthers kit is not available anymore, and I can't even find any on ebay. Well, I just happen to have an un-built kit for my Ethanol Plant. The corn storage...
  15. Motley

    My new German Steam train

    I just got me a new German Steam train. Its a Roco BR10. And 6 Trix passenger cars. My first Euro model. The BR10 is fantastic. It runs like a swiss watch, very smooth. And it sounds great. Detail and paint is also great. And the LED lighting has chassis lights the light up the wheels. Very...
  16. Motley

    Denver Union Station

    OK since I completed all the new trackwork, I can finally work on the Denver Union Station. I had the Walthers wood station platforms, and they just never matched the prototype. Walthers has a new station platform kts now, and they include LED lighting. And everything is included. Resistors...
  17. Motley

    New mainline rework project

    As part of my new mainline rework. I finally got rid of all the tight curves! I replaced the two Y switch curves. The inside station track now connects to the inside main, instead of the yard. And I took out the other curve. And smoothed out the reversing section track that goes to the yard...
  18. Motley

    F units on an NS buinness train

    Look at this, NS has an ABBA F units and streamlined passenger cars on their business train. This is why I run F unit passenger trains on my modern layout.
  19. Motley

    NCE is the best!!

    Ok so I've had my NCE system 5amp Power House Pro wireless for over 4 years now. Well out of warranty. On the pro cab, the LCD screen went defective, it was garbled couldn't read it. So I sent it in for repair, expecting to pay the $25 fee for LCD repairs. Well Matt from NCE called me last...
  20. Motley

    Walthers new kit Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer

    I started working on the two inside mainline tracks finally. The tracks will have a crossing, then to each of the two bridges spanning the river. On the right side wall I have some space for a small industry. Walthers just released the Rail-to-Road Aggregate Transfer facilty. So I just picked...

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