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  1. U-3-b

    How did you decide on your Road/Theme?

    Having my grandpa work for the GTW for 40 years and having him take me around and show me shops and yards when I was 4 made me a life long Grand Trunk Western fan and that is why I model 1953 on the South Bend Subdivision. The funny thing to me is that I have never lived anywhere near the GTW...
  2. U-3-b

    WM 4-8-4 Potomac tender.

    That tender is huge and kit bashing is the only way I know. I have not seen something like this for sale anywhere. Steve
  3. U-3-b

    What manufacturers in HO, still produce kits?

    There are a number of smaller companies that make kits. You will pay more and they are resin but you can get some really cool kits. Speedwitch Media, Sunshine Models and BGR Group are all companies that I have bought from in the recent past and they make some great kits. Steve
  4. U-3-b

    WM 4-8-4 Potomac tender.

    You have your work cut out for you trying to do this conversion. Good luck. Steve
  5. U-3-b

    Canadian National Railways Steam loco heralds

    Generally it was for passenger only but I have seen some demoted passenger engines pulling freight Southern Ontario with that herald. The herald came into use in 1954 with the new Maple Leaf paint scheme. Steve
  6. U-3-b

    Double Heading Steam Loco's

    Found it. GTW F-3's helping a GTW U-3-b crossing over the NKP.
  7. U-3-b

    Double Heading Steam Loco's

    I have a photo of F-3's double heading with a 4-8-4. Now I just have to find it.
  8. U-3-b

    Lets talk steamies

    No, I have not. Steve
  9. U-3-b

    Lets talk steamies

    Van Hobbies did make a O-18-b. You can find them on e-bay everynow and then. Steve
  10. U-3-b

    how did you pick a rail line

    I came about my choice of the Grand Trunk Western in a round about way. When I was growing up and where I was growing up, it was all Penn Central, Southern and B&O. To confuse things even more, when we would visit my grandparents it was GTW and Illinois Central. So I grew up liking all of...
  11. U-3-b

    Lets talk steamies

    My steam fleet as of today and most of these are brass and picked up over the last 30 years. 2 - Frisco 4-8-4 1 - Frisco 4-4-0 1 - Frisco 2-8-0 5 - CN 0-8-0 (that will be GTW when painted) 1 - CN 2-8-0 2 - GTW 4-6-2 4 - GTW 2-8-2 5 - GTW 4-8-4 1 - GTW 4-8-2 I think I have a few...
  12. U-3-b

    CN passenger car

    Open platform cars are too old for me so I am not much help on that. Sorry. Steve
  13. U-3-b

    CN passenger car

    Have you looked at this site? They are a bit on the pricey side, but they are great CN kits. I have a few. What they are not is a standard Walthers or Branchline kit with CN paint. Are you a CN modeler? And you never really said what era you are...
  14. U-3-b

    Display Case Question

    Ryan, That is a very good idea. We have a lot of cabinet shops in the area and I bet with the downturn in the housing market they might be willing to make one for me. Thanks, Steve
  15. U-3-b

    Display Case Question

    Many years ago when my parents realized that I would not out grow my train collecting, they got me this very nice train case to display my engines. Well, as I said that was many years ago and I, as you can see, am in need of another case. This one is wood, 1’ by 5’ and has glass doors. The...
  16. U-3-b

    Ouch !

    I am just trying to figure out how you would break something like that. Thanks for sharing. Steve
  17. U-3-b

    What Scale?

    I started in O-27 then switched to HO in High School and have been in that for 30 years, but I could afford it and had the space I would go with O.
  18. U-3-b

    Proud to be a Veteran

    US Army 1988-1994.
  19. U-3-b

    What's in your wallet^W roster?

    Here is my roster. Steam 1 O-18-a 0-6-0 Van Hobbies 2 O-19-a 0-6-0 P2k 2 P-5-h 0-8-0 Van Hobbies 1 N-4-e 2-8-0 Overland 1 S-3-a 2-8-2 Key 1 S-3-a 2-8-2 Oriental/ Cast boiler-brass detail parts 1 S-3-c 2-8-2 Key 1 J-3-a 4-6-2 Overland 1 K-4-a 4-6-2 Oriental/ Cast boiler-brass detail...
  20. U-3-b

    Help the modern-day NYCS select a livery for its standard cab locos!

    I would use option C and I like the reasons you choose for using it. Steve

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