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  1. Angelic

    "I'm In Love With My Car" HO Scale Music Video

    Street Running <(^.^)>
  2. Angelic

    Chasing Trains on the CIOR

    It's so beautiful watching that intermodal *wipes a tear away*
  3. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    wow now I don't know which one to run...... I know the Wolf will go on generation 1 paint scheme locos. he fox on Gen 2
  4. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    Basicly I'm gonna see how far i can shrink donwn the logo if i can get it to fit the scheme will stay the same but with the new logo, if not; no logo oh but the yellow on the on the paint scheme is suppose to represent gold (Don't know how to mix paint on a comuter) . I can't wait to get the...
  5. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    ok guys thanks to Miles I have a system map. (I forgot to add a legend in but that can be corrected later. so guys what do you think of the changes so far
  6. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    lol ok I can't wait to see a lash up this can create Also I like the T LAPT that works thanks so this is the new logo for the LAPT think it might work
  7. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    Spacemouse your brilliant just checked, no coyote where i get my herald
  8. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    I kind of want to hang on to the LAP(Z) and the herold, If I get rid of the text in the herold do you think it would be enough but I'd love to work with you. I was thinking of it going as far north as Oragan and east as Texas and your right about the Intermodal. also I tryed sticking with...
  9. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    hey guys it's been a while since I have been active in the hobby so since I'm finnaly settled back in my renovated appartment Its time to restart my road :D. the Joke Train (LAPH) is dead but it's child is here I introduce to you the... Los Angeles Phoenix Link I still have to come up...
  10. Angelic

    Coffee Shop Part VII is now OPEN

    yea I been sick as well for the whole of last week I've been mute my tonsils so sore and swollen I could bearly breath much less speak :( also trying to talk through sign language is not good unless both people can understand it. also it's kind of ironic for a preaher to not be able to talk for...
  11. Angelic

    New Rock Island Website

    Agreed I would love to see a Rock lashed up with my feelanced road
  12. Angelic

    Added some ditch lights

    ok I'm jelious theres no way I can do that i still don't understand dcc what have I got myself into
  13. Angelic

    Tour the Bricktown Line

    real nice man
  14. Angelic

    LAP&H getting a new skin

    ok in that case i'll go for white lettering on all in the black stripe
  15. Angelic

    LAP&H getting a new skin

    well i was gonna try to do them myself, professional is not really in my price range, but i herd that you cant make white decals
  16. Angelic

    LAP&H getting a new skin

    oh here are two of my paint schemes the base coat is gold but of course I can't find it on paint Spartan Cab and then any advise or am I biting off more than I can chew
  17. Angelic

    Model RR Decal traderoom...

    OK question guys are their any good "home made Decal" programs I tried testers but me and it didn't agree to well
  18. Angelic

    LAP&H getting a new skin

    yea I'm just trying to get the rest of the paint off but it's getting annoying any advice
  19. Angelic

    Coffee Shop Part III

    My Prayers are with you at this time of grieving Steve (Matt 5:4; Psalms 30:5) on a side note I just found out that photograpy is not one of my talents -.-

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