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  1. Angelic

    LAPX - The New Road of the Southwest

    hey guys it's been a while since I have been active in the hobby so since I'm finnaly settled back in my renovated appartment Its time to restart my road :D. the Joke Train (LAPH) is dead but it's child is here I introduce to you the... Los Angeles Phoenix Link I still have to come up...
  2. Angelic

    LAP&H getting a new skin

    well now that i finaly got a digital camera (may not be the best but the price was right) I will start shoing my pictures of my loco's in the paintshop this way i can avoid any major mishaps before they get to bad to be rescued GP40-2 (LAP&H 1651) U33B (LAP&H 1805) SD40-2 (LAPH...
  3. Angelic

    Roster #'s

    I was trying to figure out a numbering system for my Locomotive Roster when i came apon the thought I don't know what lococmotives I should have in my Freelanced road. So I need help in this area what Locomotives should I get to help complete this Roster my Era is 1985 - Present I want to have a...
  4. Angelic


    ok I have no room for a layout, so I was wondering is a club a good alternitive. I was thinking of joining the LAMRS club, or the one in Norwalk, but heres the thing I was wondering what is the Pro's and Con's of Club Life
  5. Angelic

    Detailing and Painting 3 AC4400CW's

    well the first locomotives I bought was 3 Athern Ac4400cw (2 powered and 1 dummy) but being the inexperianced moron I was (and still am) I preaty much lost the all the accesserys that came with them including Horn, numberboard, sunshades and Handle bars. I wan't them to look like this So...
  6. Angelic

    real noobish question

    Plz don't laugh, but can anyone explane to me how and why I see Competeing Railroads BNSF, UP, CSX, and NS Locomotives Lashed up together in the Long Beach Yard wouldn't they NOT want to work together Plz help my confusion :confused:

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