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  1. radar

    Coffee Shop XXXIX-9/21/2013

    So kinda like Grandpa's ax handel 2wis head 4 times still Knocks The STACK OFF
  2. radar

    Weekly photo thread

    Gary B and Gary CBQ awsome work. my need to change my name to gary so i can do that kind of BIG city look.
  3. radar

    Weekend Photo Fun 9-27 thru 10-3

    Boston&Maine 99 tonner just finished decals on the 45 tonner need silver paint for trucks
  4. radar

    Spectrum Doodlebug

    If you do ever get tired of the doodle bug I'm here for you .:cool:
  5. radar

    NS bridge fire

    Omg :eek: please somebody come up with the story behind this:eek: Look at the rail in #2 pic:eek:
  6. radar

    bad day on the U.P

    this is after about 8 inch of rain
  7. radar

    Standard Hobby Supply

    Best of luck Retring gon'a miss ya
  8. radar

    kadee conversions

    I would body mount the couplers. just did a IHC C-415 switcher work great.
  9. radar

    Electrical Questions

    I've the MRC advanced on the layout with 2 wireless and 2 advanced and 2 express handheld works great . Then I have the MRC express with an advanced handheld on the to the other systems I have no idea.
  10. radar

    Electrical Questions

    I use TCS decoders almost exclusively love there no fault warranty. Most if not all decoders work with any system.I would definitely solder the track feeders better connections better off you are with the DCC signal!!:D
  11. radar

    Weekly Photo Fun 3/13 -3/19

    clean yard Cleaned out the yard to-day the basement is finally warmed up :eek: Built 2 more modules for my city area :)
  12. radar

    I made to the big time !!!!!

    :eek: Awesome pics need to see more :D try to post them in the weekly photo fun post please :D
  13. radar

    painting sprayed on foam ?

    Your welcome:D
  14. radar

    painting sprayed on foam ?

    Don't know Don't know fer sure but could you take some fine sandpaper and lightly scuff the surface first or put a thin coat of plaster/drywall compound first?
  15. radar

    C415 project

    C-415 I'm trying to post a pic.Hope this helps:D Us rock Island fans/freeks have to stick togather
  16. radar

    C415 project

    C-415 The long hood on the GP should come to a point.Line up the point where the OLD RS end was.measure carefully the RS hood and cut the GP hood the same but leave a little extra on the GP hood so you can sand or file for a close fit on the RS walkway/frame.;):D:eek:
  17. radar

    C415 project

    C-415 I would give the hood swap a try.:D If you have the tools and the hood is the same width on the RS and GP.:cool:
  18. radar

    Interesting: Athearn Genesis GP7, GP9

    chopped nose I hope they do a chopped nose Rock Island wreck rebuild!!!!!!!:D:D .With sound.
  19. radar

    Im going for it, painting and baking a brass engine

    Bigger than mine Good luck!!!!!!!:eek: Use a super low heat.Maybe 200 deg.or lower.fer maybe 2-3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From experience :D
  20. radar

    C415 project

    C-415 I just got a Mehno(IHC)415 off E-Bay. It is not a smooth runner!!!! let us know if you re- motor yours?:D

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