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  1. rodney mcgiveron

    So , Who's had a close up look yet of 4014 and...844 .

    G'day all ....Been checking out a growing number of Big Boy vids on You Tube of late from about as far away as you could get ..With the Northern Hemisphere summer on the way and 4014 will be earning his keep , does anybody plan to have a proper look at this magnificent thing ?
  2. rodney mcgiveron

    What about this

    G'day all ...I do HO but when I saw this amazing N Scale layout on You Tube ..Anybody here seen it for real.. WOW..!!!! .... Cheers Rod.
  3. rodney mcgiveron

    Australia's biggest bain was stubborn states

    G'day all ..Until not too long ago we had a variety of different gauges of track in Australia . There are still a few places that do use narrow gauge but these are for specific use such as the sugar trains in Queensland, scenic rail here and there and in Tasmania (my home State) which is an...
  4. rodney mcgiveron


    G'day all . A new topic if I may and mostly due to a chance meeting with a former Tasrail driver yesterday . I was once again visiting our local Cranks and Tinkerers Museum when a rather tall chap , guessing about 6'5" plus walked in , maybe 35 years old. He was looking around as my friend ...
  5. rodney mcgiveron

    Dynamis Problem

    G'day all....Wonder if anyone has an idea .. I bought a Bachmann wireless controller called Dynamis a few years ago. Since then I bought a great NCE PowerCab which is brilliant. Now I'm about to build a second layout on a smaller size I decided to try again the Dynamis . I put in new batteries...
  6. rodney mcgiveron

    This is wonderful and all too familiar isn't it ?

    G'day all ...Been a while..been super busy lately but I found these two videos by accident..Both super cool but sum up our hobby really well .. and AWESOME... Happy 2018 to you all... Cheers Rod.
  7. rodney mcgiveron

    Railroad Australia

    G'day all , just thought I'd post this link to a TV show that's been running on Foxtel , here in Australia...Especially for U.S. rail enthusiasts it gives an insight into some of our equally impressive rail ops ..The series ran for about three months or so...
  8. rodney mcgiveron

    What's happening in Washington

    G'day all... ?..Love to know..Cheers Rod.. Religion and Politics unsavory language are forbidden on this forum please adhere to the rules Willis
  9. rodney mcgiveron

    New ride..and new TV show..

    G'day all..Check this out This is my Lightning Strike silver FG XR6 Ford Falcon..I've wanted one for so long it's not funny and why I've not been Foruming in the past 2-3 weeks..I also joined the FPV Tickford and XR Club of Tasmania..This is 4.0 litres Inline 6 with the ZF 6 speed sports shift...
  10. rodney mcgiveron

    Louis is okay..very much so.

    G'day all....Last night I was talking to Louis in Baltimore on the phone..This we do often despite being 20,000 kms apart. He's exceedingly busy with family commitments at present but he's missing the Forum .Recently some of the members were curious that he hadn't been on much lately . This...
  11. rodney mcgiveron

    HO , Non American by Americans

    G'day all....I am trying to get a modern era BNSF /ATSF transition era HO layout together as many of you would probably know but I have been wondering as an Aussie doing USA rail if the opposite happens in our hobby from time to time. That is US modelers doing other nations rail... I can tell...
  12. rodney mcgiveron

    Two great trips in OZ

    G'day all....The other day I was telling (via email) Louis in Baltimore about two passenger trains we have here in Australia..The first one is the Indian Pacific so called because one end of the journey is on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Perth W.A. and the other is on the shores of the...
  13. rodney mcgiveron

    Very basic questions on clubs

    G'day all.......In my home state of Tasmania ,population a bit over half a million , here in Australia we have maybe three model rail clubs and only in the two biggest cities and two train shows a year...The Hobart ModelTrain Show in August and most years , not this one it seems , the St...
  14. rodney mcgiveron

    Best value for money sound

    preferred sound and why in diesels..... G'day all... A very general question about sound preferences..I've just added my third BLI with Paragon2 sound..Very crisp clean and adjustable via the Broadway's. I also have one QSI Quantum , a couple of MRC's and Proto 3 in my MTH.. but my...
  15. rodney mcgiveron


    G'day all....My state is the smallest but second oldest in Australia .. In the 1990s the State Government sold off the rail services to a private company who ran it down so bad it was basically unusable..In the early 2000's the Labor State Government bought it back. It was literally a basket...
  16. rodney mcgiveron

    Model train nut or not ?

    G'day all....Back in 2008 when I began seriously considering model trains I recall thinking.."Why haven't I done this before"...since then I've been "at it"..most of the time , even dismantling the original layout because i just couldn't get it quite how I wanted it.. the funny thing was that...
  17. rodney mcgiveron

    Call me swartzeneger...I'm baaaack...

    G'day all.....BLOODY COMPUTERS..AND OTHER PROBLEMS...It's been a couple of months since I've been on the 'world's greatest forum' for the 'world's greatest hobby' now my computer issues (massive malware and viruses that got through) are finally sorted , not least with the help of Louis's...
  18. rodney mcgiveron

    All in perspective..

    G'day all...I won't mention any names but a fellow forum member gave me the inspiration to start off this topic and he's a highly respected member . WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR HOBBY IN PERSPECTIVE... He was concerned that this is not ALWAYS the case and he used the analogy " Go big or go home" that is...
  19. rodney mcgiveron

    Bachmann SD70ACe....

    .Cheers to all....Having trouble posting a bit of footage and associated stuff on my newest addition , a Bachmann Sound Value SD70 ACe...Will try again soon. Any tips on an easy way of getting footage loaded would be much appreciated Cheers...Rod.
  20. rodney mcgiveron


    G'day all....A real quickie.....when we use the term "shortline"...Is there a general classification for a shortline ie..length or type of route or is there other reasons why a railroad/railway is a shortline..?.....Just curious....Cheers Rod...

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