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  1. Hawkesburytrain


    I've always wanted a speedometer to test all my locomotives and make sure they were all speed matched, this way, I could put any locomotives together for consists. The idea was to have one on my test track where I do my work and have another on the layout somewhere for making sure that people...
  2. Hawkesburytrain

    A working weigh station

    I’ve created, I think, the ONLY weigh station that REALLY works for less than $25. This is NOT a random weight generator, it really weighs your freight cars. It may not be obvious to set up because of the preparation you will need to do, but it sure will add operations to your layout. You can...
  3. Hawkesburytrain

    Brewery tank cars

    Hi everyone, First, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all I'm building a brewery and would like to know what kind of tank cars were used for pressured beer. The era is 1970's and the road name is CP. Thanks
  4. Hawkesburytrain

    Styrene help

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know where I can get .040 styrene in 12" x 24"? I found some on Amazone but shipping was RIDICULOUS I need 16 sheets and the cost was about $49, but was charging $350 for shipping I live in Ontario, Canada so that's about $552 Cdn Thanks for all your help
  5. Hawkesburytrain

    NCE help please

    I'm about to start my switch panel and need help on the wiring. First, here's a picture: I want my control panel to have one push button to activate the tortoise and also light up the right color of the LED. The panel will have 16 tortoises, so I want 16 push buttons and 32 LED's 1) I was...
  6. Hawkesburytrain

    Need help in wiring

    This is my staging district/block. Total length of tracks is 340' which includes 135' of double main line (staging and helix). Maximum locomotives running at the same time in the staging area would be 4 (2 consist of 2's, hope this is the right terminology) 1) Is this to much for one...
  7. Hawkesburytrain

    Wooden trestle

    I need help in finding plans on building a wooden trestle from scratch. It's a 26" length with a 28" radius and a depth of 15". Does anyone that have build one still have the plans? Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. Hawkesburytrain

    Layout insurance

    To all those that have lots invested in your train layouts. Someone I know got his basement flooded and it affected is layout and his entire fleet. I know that if you're an NMRA member, you could get insurance from them, so I have a few questions. - Do any of you have insured your layout and...
  9. Hawkesburytrain

    Buss and feeder question

    I know this as been answered very often, but the more searches and reading I do about it the more confuse I get. So why not ask the right people. I had 14 gauge hard wire which was very hard to maneuver and read I was better off with stranded 14 gauge. So I bought it and find it very thick...
  10. Hawkesburytrain

    Need help on finding rolling stock

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for both oil tankers and propane tankers. Era is 1970's and pulled by Canadian Pacific in eastern Canada Pictures would also help as I have no clue what was running during the 70's Any help would be appreciated, THANKS
  11. Hawkesburytrain

    NCE layout needs lots of help

    Didn't want to steal the "Bus Wire" thread so I decided to start a new one I tried to get some help at NCE in February and lately with no luck. So I'm asking for your help. I bought the Power Pro 5 a year ago and thought it would be enough to run my layout, but as I go along building...
  12. Hawkesburytrain

    Toggle switches

    Hey everyone, I need help on selecting toggle switches. I spend over 30 minutes at an electronic store and came back empty handed. There was so many types of toggle switch, I didn't know what to buy (that's from being electronically illiterate) There's: 2 pins to 12+ pins on-off, on-off-on...
  13. Hawkesburytrain

    NCE control question

    Hey everyone, Last year I bought NCE Pro 5, but now that my layout is BIG (40'x 20'), I'll need more controls. My question is what should I be using? Should I have 5-6 hand controls already set up on the layout? Should I just have the outlets on the fascia and how many? Should I switch my NCE...
  14. Hawkesburytrain

    How and what was a Speeder used for?

    Being completely illiterate when it comes to train, what was a Speeder used for? When it come out of the shack and arrives at the main tracks which is perpendicular, how does it get on? Could it be used to move cars on industry spurs? (if that's the term) For example, if a hopper is being...
  15. Hawkesburytrain

    2 questions on operations

    Question 1: At the top right, you see a white building, if the train is coming from the right, it will back up the freight in the area, but if it's coming from the left, how does it drop off the freight? For that industry must the trains always come from the right? Or could someone describe how...
  16. Hawkesburytrain

    I need ideas

    The area you see is the top of my helix which I want to cover up with some sort of industry. I would appreciate any suggestions on what kind of industry could be this big. I want to put my engineering background to work. This building could be a 1-2 year project Here's a picture I saw which...
  17. Hawkesburytrain

    Medusa cement factory

    Hey everyone, I intend to build the Medusa cement factory, but was wandering what goes in the sliding doors of the silos? Can it be cement trucks? Not sure because it's right in the silos, could it be just ordinary trucks picking up powdered cement? I've done a picture search and nobody as...
  18. Hawkesburytrain

    Short somewhere help

    Hi, I started running a locomotive and had no problem for the entire run, than I wanted to run it on the other track so when I switch the turnout, it made a little spark and the train stopped. So I switch the turnout back and the train started again. My question is how do I find the short or...
  19. Hawkesburytrain

    Question about operation session

    Hi all, Didn't know where to post this question about operation sessions, so here we go. I have 2 buildings one is the cement factory and the other the flour mill. How does one make operations for those buildings? Flour Mill - I presume box cars pick up bags of flour, but what brings what to...
  20. Hawkesburytrain

    Signal systems

    If you were building a signal system, what type would you use? A - Current-sensitive detection B - Photosensitive C - Infrared Which would be more work Which would be more expensive Which would be more complicated to install knowing you know nothing about signalization. Thanks

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