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  1. C you really get what you pay for?

    Agreed on these settings - spending a bit of time getting the decoder tweaked to the loco makes a huge difference. The other newer feature on some decoders is Back EMF - the decoder gets EMF feedback from the motor and adjusts power accordingly. Very effective when dealing with grades...
  2. C

    “intellectual property”.

    Plus NASCAR has plateaued, and arguably has been on the downturn for the past few years. Messing with licencing on these products is counterproductive - greed is telling them to charge more royalties, but less companies are taking the bait and less comsumers are buying in. As for the BNSF...
  3. C

    Show us your classic muscle cars

    Your zedder is gorgeous - but why is your ID "bigford"? :) (Actually my dream car is a 1973 Trans Am *drools* )
  4. C

    Show us your classic muscle cars

    The Northstar is a common refit as well, and a potent one. With the battery relocated up front weight is nearing 50/50 - put that in an '88 with the last generation suspension and it's a rocketship. SBCs are common too, with minimal chassis mods. As for motor work, yeah this one is a bottom...
  5. C

    Show us your classic muscle cars

    Phillip: LOL! Thanks man. With the gas prices and insurance prices these day, speed isn't my priority. But damn this thing is fun to drive. I can't wait for spring. Trent: I came really close to getting a 1991 MR2 similar to yours, but yellow and non-turbo. But it needed a bit more...
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    Show us your classic muscle cars

    Well, the last time I posted these pics here I got laughed at and she was insulted by a few members, but I'm willing to try again. Maybe not a muscle car, but it is a RIOT to drive and 91HP will certainly help keep the speeding tickets away. :) Years from now when the Iron Duke...
  7. C

    “intellectual property”.

    Actually NASCAR is one of the worst out there. Things are always more expensive with that rainbow stamp. This was proven recently - there has been significant demand from modellers for the new "car of tomorrow" as Revell is the only one making stock car models (besides small resin companies)...
  8. C

    In-ko-pah RR - New digital camera pics

    Wow. Your work is simply outstanding. Oh, and the photos are great too. :) Mark
  9. C

    Let See Those Pets!

    Umm...Ray...we may have a "parallel universe" thing happening here. Zelda, my 1.5 year old: And Bijou, our 19 year old that we just lost in Novenber: Just tell me you aren't a receeding hairlined 40 year old married to an Irish firecracker.... :) Mark
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    What is the major difference between EMD F3A and F7A from outside?

    The upper grille that runs front to back on the sides is different - the F7 is like a single "mesh" piece where the F3 is broken up with framework inbetween (like the FT). F3: F7: There are other smaller differences but that is the most obvious. I think there are differences in the...
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    Coffee shop one-three

    Ummm, alright...I'll remember not to share in the future.
  12. C

    Coffee shop one-three

    Actually it's kinda the opposite. I like going fast like most guys, but the thought of insurance increases and speeding tickets actually is one heck of an incentive to keep the accelerator under control! Grandmothers regularily pass me on the highway in Corollas. Plus the 4.11 final drive...
  13. C

    Coffee shop one-three

    LOL! 1966 GTO - niiiice! Actually I had been looking at doing a 3800SC swap into whatever Fiero I got, but this one's gonna stay pretty original. The L4 actually moves the car pretty good, plus the sound alone is to die for! Mid engine cars are awesome! Mark
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    Coffee shop one-three

    Post removed.
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    Can I switch shells?

    CN has an executive train - not F units, it consists of a pair of E9s with Pullman cars: CP has one too, using F9s. It is a little more traditional in paint scheme: (More at Mark
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    Removing old solder from rails

    Solder wick/braid is what I use in the electronics lab - cheap and very effective. The best type is the rosin impregnated stuff, but it does leave behind a residue. That can be cleaned up easily with flux remover. One tip to help reduce melting the ties is to attach a small vise grip to the...
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    totally and completely off topic, but need to pick your brains

    Along with the newspapers, make sure the local radio and TV media is involved. Maybe the TV station(s) can do a story the evening before, and maybe the radio station can do a live on-the-spot report. Mark
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    NASA Photo of the day

    Wow, that's a nice one. NASA does post some amazing pics there. On a related note, those of you with High Definition TVs should check out the launches live on HDNet. The imagery is simply breathtaking, and it seems every launch has more and more HD cams set up. It's hard to decide which is...
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    some more practice shots

    Sha-weet pics! My ol' Minolta has Aperture setting, so unless the camera is an inexpensive point and shoot it should have it. Even most of the cheaper cams today have all these cool settings. Mark
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    Coffee shop one-three

    Good morning fellas! Sorry I haven't been around here much (work has been stoooopid busy). Chris: Snow...well, it sucks! But I do have one power tool you'll never have - a snowblower! :) It wouldn't take much to convert me to an Alabamian if there's little to no snow there. I did pick...

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