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  1. Dave S

    Increasing locomotive top speed

    I picked up an F3 A/B set from Bowser the other day and installed the recommended decoders (LokPilot 4.0 p#546150). For some reason at the highest speed setting both units run like the throttle was set to half speed. At half speed setting they barely move and if i add some rolling stock they...
  2. Dave S

    Fuel port location help

    Hi Folks, I've been working on a diesel refueling station and I have an old Alco RS-2 I was going to use to simulate taking on a load of fuel. Trouble is I haven't been able to find out where the fueling port is located on the engine. I saw one picture online that showed what could have been...
  3. Dave S

    Dishes, plates of food, silverware

    Does anyone know where to obtain some HO scale representations of food plates, cups, silverware and other associated table top items? I'm modelling the interior of a diner and the clientele are eyeing the bare counter and getting unruly.
  4. Dave S

    Black painters tape

    Has anyone tried this for a cheap street and roadway material? If it's similar in texture to the blue type it might be a good alternative to the rather expensive (and small) sections made by Faller Gmbh.
  5. Dave S

    DCC power supply question

    Dear Train Guys, Are DCC system power supplies interchangeable? The one for my EZ command system is wicked expensive! Would this one be a compatible replacement? or better yet this one...
  6. Dave S

    Railroads Tracks Across America

    I just picked this DVD up at Target for $13 bucks. 36 railroad documentaries made from the 1930's to the 60's, over 12 hours of video total. I've watched about a third of them so far and they are absolutely fascinating. They show all kinds of rail road industry, yards and other related...
  7. Dave S

    Roof shingle pattern

    Does anyone have a jpeg of a HO scale standard asphalt roof shingle pattern, preferably in light brown? If so can I get a copy? I need to finish a little cardboard diorama that i'm making.
  8. Dave S

    Clearance car

    Is there a kit or RtR version out there? Anyone ever scratchbuilt one? I'm currently working on one using an old Tyco searchlight car. It is sort of patterned on the one at the B&O museum but from what I gather these things were mostly one of a kind contraptions...
  9. Dave S

    Side stake size

    I would like to turn a few flat cars I have into log carriers. What would you say would be the size of the square tubing stock i'd need to get in order to best simulate the side stakes on the Bangor and Aroostook car in the picture i've linked below in HO scale...
  10. Dave S

    Fleet Maintenance

    ..... or "Break out the paint and stencils boys!" Since the trainroom is shut down for the winter i have been practicing my very rusty painting and decaling skills. An old Tyco crane and boom tender set originally in Santa Fe markings. A newer caboose that I got from Trackside Trains in...
  11. Dave S

    Handrails aftermarket or scratchbuild?

    I have a few loco's with broken/missing handrails. A common problem I'm sure. Do you guys recommend purchasing aftermarket kits or scratch building them? If it's the former where is a good place to get them? If it's the latter is there a tutorial or some tips to get me started?
  12. Dave S

    Frosted windows

    I'd like to put lights in my passenger cars but don't want to get into making interiors for them so my plan is to "frost" the windows so that the light can escape but you can't see in. I was thinking of some really thin white mylar or similar substance that I could tape over the clear plastic...
  13. Dave S

    Hopper unloading chute

    I'm building a coaling station for my steamer locos and i'd like to model the pit underneath the tracks that hopper cars unload their cargo into before it is lifted up into the tower. Does anyone have pictures of some prototypes so i can see what they look like?
  14. Dave S

    Hello from Sunny Massachusetts!

    I'm just getting back into the Model Railroading hobby after 35 years. In my garage attic I have started on a fairly sizable HO scale layout. You can see current track plan here.

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