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  1. railBuilderDhd

    Reading electronic schematics

    I was looking at some schematics about DCC signal to Arduino to use DCC to operate the Arduino. The schematic I have found it very detailed but many of the items listed do not have all the specs so I'm not sure what components to purchase. I know I'm very new at electronics so I wanted to know...
  2. railBuilderDhd

    Decoder wire sizes

    I was just thinking about this and wanted to know if anyone knows the sizes of the decoder wire used on decoders? I was thinking the wire is something like 30awg. That correct and what about the outer diameter size? I have no clue what that size is. Does anyone just but wire to use or they...
  3. railBuilderDhd

    Size of heat shrink most often used in model railroads

    Hey guys, I was looking at the heat shrink you can find on eBay and wanted to know what sizes user find they need the most. I would rather but 3 or 4 sizes and not a pack of all kinds of sizes. I'm thinking sizes 3/32, 3/64, and 1/16. Maybe 1/8 but would I need that size much? Love to hear...
  4. railBuilderDhd

    Programming the loco address and out goes the lights??

    I have a Broadway Limited Blueline GE C30-7. I had to reset the decoder to default because the locomotive stopped responding. When I did this the loco worked fine with address 03. When I tried to change the address to 4 number address the loco would work with the new address but the light no...
  5. railBuilderDhd

    Design Preservation Models quality changes

    I wanted to know if anyone has noticed a change in the quality of the DPM kits over the last couple of years? I was reading some reviews and it seems like people complained about the quality of the kits over the last few years. I just wanted to hear what others have to say. Thanks, Dave
  6. railBuilderDhd

    Programming a BLI locomotive

    I have a BLI loco I was trying to program with my Digitrax Zephyr but I'm not able to get it programmed at all. I was able to get it reset and the address to work on 03 but now I'm not able to get the new address to stick. I tried on the program track and with OPS on the mainline. I thought I...
  7. railBuilderDhd

    Radius SweepSticks

    Greetings, I'm getting ready to lay some track soon and this has me thinking about sweepsticks from Fast Tracks. I wanted to know if others have found ways to make these much cheaper then buying them? I figure it can't be to hard to cut some out that would work as well as the purchased...
  8. railBuilderDhd

    working with foam below your track

    Hi Guys, I'm working on the foam below my track and have questions about what others are doing or should I just purchase the WS foam risers and not bother with this myself. I'm trying to create a grade about 2°. When I cut the foam I'm not getting a even surface to run my track. I was...
  9. railBuilderDhd

    Micro Engineering and Central Valley bridges

    Whats the deal with these two companies? I just started building my first ME kit. I have to say that these two companies kits seem like they are designed by the same designer. I was thinking that these must have been in business together and then there was a falling out or something. I was...
  10. railBuilderDhd

    Digitrack Digitrax DS52 and servo motors

    Can anyone tell me if the Digitrax DS52 can be used to control a servo motor being used for turnout control? Thanks Dave
  11. railBuilderDhd

    Walthers SceneMaster Single-Sided Hanging Traffic Light

    Greeting folks, I wanted to know if anyone has used the mentioned street lights on their layouts. Can you tell me the size of the light fixture and how did you get it "hanging" in the scene. I'm guessing the wire the light hangs from is in fact the wires to the light bulbs. Here is a link to...
  12. railBuilderDhd

    Arduino and servo's to control turnouts with DCC

    So I'm starting on the mission of controlling my turnouts with a servo motor controlled by an Arduino. I want to be able to use my DCC (Digitrax) network along with buttons on the layout near the turnouts to control from there as well. I will be doing my best to not have this based on one DCC...
  13. railBuilderDhd

    Power supply switch

    I was looking to purchase a switch for the power supply for on/off from the wall outlet to the power supply. The power supply will be used to power the LEDs on my layout. I would like to get a illuminated switch to mount on the control board. I was figuring the switch must be rated for 120V not...
  14. railBuilderDhd

    Show and tell: your electronic panel

    As I turn. Y focus to the electronics for my layout and learn more I find myself curious on how others are doing things. There are some things that are common no matter what DCC system you use. That's more of what I'm looking for. I don't want to start a thread where everyone talks about their...
  15. railBuilderDhd

    Lok Sound decoders

    I have been noticing a lot of post about people using these Lok Sound decoders. I wanted to know if these have become the new standard to use. I have a few QSI decoders as they sounded good and a few years ago I thought they were some of the best you could get. Now I see the Lok Sound decoders...
  16. railBuilderDhd

    Laptop Power Supplies used for accessories on your layout

    I've started this thread so not to take over the original thread this discussion started on. The original discussion was about calculating Ohms and can be found here This thread is to further discuss how to...
  17. railBuilderDhd

    GE Plant tour video

    I just ran into this video on a different site and thought I would share with you guys. Enjoy. GE youtube video Dave
  18. railBuilderDhd

    making Digitrax locoNet wires

    Greetings guys, As many know now I'm getting on with the home layout and because I have Digitrax equipment already and the local club I'm a member of use Digitrax I will use Digitrax on my layout. My question for the moment is about the do-it-yourself locoNet wires. Can I used cat3 or...
  19. railBuilderDhd

    New Layout - need DCC help

    Hey Folks, I'm building my home layout (as you may already know) and getting excited as I see the bench work going up. When I was researching before I read that it's best to wire as much as you can before you cover the top with your plywood. This got me thinking about what I need to wire a...
  20. railBuilderDhd

    DPM, Rix and Smalltown models

    I was looking at some buildings for sale and wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on the Smalltown build kits or parts. I would like to know if the details are as nice as the DPM models or if the scale of these was off. I can't tell from the pictures if the bricks are to scale or so large...

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