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    Dremel Recommendation?

    I'm thinking it's time to buy a Dremel, or other rotary tool. Not just for modeling but for general rotary tool uses. Do you guys have any recommendations? What about non-specifics like corded versus cordless? Variable speed versus fixed speed? Or just brand favorites? With my other power...
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    Sushi Train - other real world uses for model trains?

    I just went to lunch at a sushi place that used a G scale train to deliver the sushi plates. SP GP-9 with 40' flats if you're interested. And I found this video on YouTube of an even larger scale 3 truck Shay performing the same duties. So...
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    Wired article about Flexiscale I just saw this and thought it was neat.
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    Foam tools

    I asked in another thread and it seems the general tools for sculpting foam are saws and blades, with some people using hotwire tools occasionally. It also looks like most guys are still using cork roadbed on top of the foam. I was wondering if anyone is cutting roadbed out of the foam? If...
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    Woodland Scenics Dead Fall

    I like Woodland Scenics. I think they make good products, generally. But this, this is just stupid. FIVE. DOLLARS. For yard debris! Literally, the contents of the package are TRASH. I pay people to haul this stuff away from my...
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    Women Drivers ;)
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    R/C Trucks

    I catch myself clicking through lists of YouTube videos occasionally. I swear I started by looking at model train videos! These guys are really into their trucks :eek:
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    Bullet Train Tech

    I'm a pretty big fan of BBC programming, and this 50 minute show by Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) is pretty good. Enjoy!
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    Disaster Response Trains

    I've been pondering for a while on a concept of using trains as response vehicles for disaster situations. Trains are capable of delivering huge amounts of relief supplies in a relatively quick manner. They could bring in water, fuel, generators, communications equipment, housing, medical...
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    I'm curious what the longest custom turnout anyone has made or seen on a model railroad layout would be? To that end, what's the longest manufactured turnout - I've seen as much as #10 from multiple vendors but I believe that's the longest. And what are prototypical measurements? For...
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    Does this car exist?

    I just watched this video and have never seen the apparent diesel fuel car the modeler has made. Did UP ever/use anything like this?
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    Cincinnati 'Train Journey' at the American Railroad Museum

    Have any of you been to this place? Is it as awesome as the website makes it out to be? They're using G Scale inside a museum and the pictures look fantastic. I've never heard of it before but my wife is scheduling us a trip...
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    Big Rail Year?

    On a recent return flight from Europe I watched "The Big Year", a comedy staring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin, about a competition to spot the most bird species in a single year. Apparently this is a real thing!?! It got me wondering if anything similar existed in the railroad...
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    Stacked rail lines?

    The Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon, over the Willamette River contains stacked rail lines vertically. The lower deck is Union Pacific and the upper deck is Portland light rail. Does anyone know of any other examples where trains run directly above and below each other? I'm working on another...
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    Offset Helix?

    I like making crazy layout designs. Coming up with ways to push limits or do things that haven't been done before. Provide new ways of looking at layouts. One of my favorite devices is the helix. But the problem with a helix is it consumes so much space, and doesn't provide any visual...
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    Looking for a layout ...

    I have vague memories of a group of guys working on an enormous layout of a single train station that I think was in London. I can't find any information on it! Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? It seems like they went through several design iteration before they decided to just...
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    Basement excavation with R/C equipment

    So this guy, Joe, is digging out his basement. With R/C equipment. They look like various scales but all around 1/20 maybe ? Personally I would have had a G...
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    Welcome To Big Wonderful Wyoming

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    Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra - The Age Of Steam

    This is how you make model railroading interesting to people who aren't model railroaders. Enjoy!
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    Moving scenery

    Here's a peculiar approach.

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